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Bricklink Designer Program R3

Mark your calendars, the Bricklink Designer Program R3 is coming soon! Bricklink has confirmed the launch date for the third round of crowdfunding. Nine new sets are included in the wave. The prices are high, but the options are lovely. I am a little bummed that these sets were not spread out a little more in other waves. There are

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Bricklink Designer Program Round 2

The Bricklink Designer Program round 2 is now up and running. Nine designs are competing for five production slots. Each of these sets is a past submission from LEGO® Ideas that reached 10,000 supporters. However, for one reason or another, the designs were not selected to become actual Ideas kits. Each submission received a second wind through the Bricklink Designer

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Bricklink Designer Program Crowdfunding Set To Begin

Bricklink Designer Program Crowdfunding update

In December 2020, LEGO® Ideas joined up with Bricklink for an interesting opportunity. Since the LEGO® Ideas platform is receiving too many amazing submissions to produce, past 10k ideas now have the opportunity for production through Bricklink. In March 2021, we learned which fan designs would enter the program for the chance to become a crowdfunded set. Now, the Bricklink

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Bricklink Designer Program Update

Early news of the Bricklink Designer Program came in December. The initiative aims to crowdfund past LEGO® Ideas that reached the 10k milestone but did not make the coveted set production phase. LEGO® Ideas can only make four or five new sets a year. However, crowdfunding through Bricklink offers the potential for many more. Today, the LEGO® Group announced the

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Bricklink Designer Program

Bricklink designer program

It is no secret that AFOLs were apprehensive when the LEGO® Group acquired Bricklink. Personally, I was happy with the change. However, I know many fans did not like the idea of the LEGO® Group meddling in the online marketplace. The partnership has seen some bumps and shake-ups. However, my experience on Bricklink as a buyer remains largely unchanged. Now,

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