December 3, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Meltrox

Today, we’re breaking the mould a little bit. Minifigure Monday typically examines a new LEGO® Minifigure each week. This week, I’ve got something a little different. I recently experienced my first two Bricks and Minifigs stores on a trip to the United States. While exploring the second location, I came across some characters from my dark age. I was so excited by the find that I bought both figurines that the store had. They are not technically “Minifigures”, but characters from the defunct Power Miners theme. This week, I bring you Minifigure Monday – the Meltrox edition.

Minifigure Monday - Meltrox

Power Miners was a short lived theme from 2009 to 2010 consisting of 16 sets, 5 polybags, a few keychains, and a watch. The story involved researchers delving deep into the Earth in order to discover the cause of earthquakes plaguing the LEGO® world. They find power crystals and the rock monsters that feed off of them. Power Miners featured 11 different rock monsters, three of which were large, and the rest were smaller in stature than a traditional Minifigure. Meltrox was one of the smaller kind who appeared in two sets: Stone Chopper (8956) and Crystal Sweeper (8961). These little rock monsters have a hollow body and hinged head which allows them to eat a LEGO® crystal whole.

These mini rock monsters were designed to eat a LEGO® crystal whole!

I fell in love with this character upon seeing it at Bricks and Minifigs. Power Miners does not really interest me per se. In fact, I had entirely overlooked Power Miners as something I’d like to collect. Having never paid much attention to it, I only discovered the rock monsters when I happened upon them at Bricks and Minifigs. My interest in them is not from a Power Miners standpoint. Rather, they make interesting fantasy characters. I also love that they are translucent. It makes for interesting photos when you shine a light through them.

Minifigure Monday - Meltrox

Nowadays, new rock monsters can cost you a pretty penny on Bricklink. However, you can find used ones at pretty good prices as well. I like these little guys and I think I will try to collect all the different versions over time. In any case, that concludes this week’s Minifigure Monday – Meltrox edition. Do you have any rock monsters in your collection? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media. For past Minifigure Monday articles, click here.

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