June 5, 2023
Pick-A-Brick Update: 2022 Holidays

Pick-A-Brick Update 2022 Holidays

Get ready for a dry spell MOCers. The latest Pick-A-Brick update is out for the 2022 Holidays. Europe and Asia will experience a complete shutdown of orders on standard parts until January 2023. In North America, we’ll be a little luckier. Standard parts order will not shut down. However, the orders you place will also not arrive before Christmas. Best-seller pieces remain unimpacted by this Holiday disruption.

As a reminder, best-seller elements are those you order from Pick-A-Brick on LEGO.com that arrive in five days. They ship from Illinois. Comparatively, standard pieces generally take much longer to arrive. 28 days to be precise. These parts are less popular and are not stocked in Illinois, so they ship from Denmark. For Canadians, the best-sellers from Illinois should continue to ship as usual. You can also order elements from Denmark, they just won’t arrive before Christmas. Hopefully this Pick-A-Brick update for the 2022 Holidays doesn’t put too large a dent in your MOC plans.

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2 thoughts on “Pick-A-Brick Update 2022 Holidays

  1. Not surprised on the shut down… I JUST received my standard order from beginning of August yesterday… over 3 and half months, and they processed payment in mid-September so that is over 2 months in shipping!… The best seller portion arrived in 3 days. I had heard there was delays, but that was exceptional. Not before Xmas… Ha ha ha (sorry but no Ho ho ho)

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