September 30, 2023
In Focus (Book Review)

In Focus (Book Review)

In Focus is a new LEGO® book that releases today. It offers a refreshing new take on the LEGO® hobby that differs from the usual outdated encyclopedias and picture books. In contrast, this book features photography from the AFOL community. In Focus comes to us from Chronicle Books. This is the same publishing house that brought us editions like the Master Builder Notebook and Art of the Minifigure. They sent me a pre-release copy of the book to peruse, and I can now share my thoughts on it just in time for its release.

The inner flap of the book describes the book as follows:

See the world in LEGO® bricks.

Look through the lens of more than thirty photographers working around the globe as they explore the world from a miniature point of view. Featuring detailed LEGO® brick and minifigure photography, this distinctive collection of LEGO® fan creations offers minifigure-sized perspectives on the meaning of home, the calm of nature, the bustle of urban life, and more. Each image rescales the world, sharpening our focus to the magic of play and the elements that connect us.

It’s a LEGO® world. Come and take a closer look.

In Focus, Chronicle Books (2022)

In Focus features the work from two popular online LEGO® communities, Stuck In Plastic and BrickCentral. The volume collects 129 curated photos from 32 different photographers worldwide. Additionally, some shots provide fun, behind-the-scenes shots demonstrating how the photographer achieved the look, as well as concept sketches. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of In Focus is the commentary. May of the photographers reveal tips and tricks that are sure to inspire the budding LEGO® photographers out there.

In looking through the book, I found many concepts similar to shots I’ve taken in the past. I loved seeing different takes on the themes I love. The book also contained a lot of new ideas for me. While I have been into LEGO® photography as a hobby for some time now, In Focus still presented me with new inspiration. The focus on minifigures in everyday life really gets you thinking about the possibilities. Things that seem mundane from a human perspective take on a whole new life and meaning for minifigures.

Things that seem mundane to humans take on a whole new life for minifigures.

In Focus is a wonderful coffee table book to keep on display. Flipping through its pages will certainly inspire you to go out and try your own hand at LEGO® photography. The book hits store shelves and online retailers on October 4, 2022 and retails for $43.00 as a hardcover (a cheaper, digital version also exists). If you’re looking to grow your LEGO® library, consider using the affiliate links below. Purchasing through our links does not cost you anything extra, but earns us a small commission that helps keep the content at True North Bricks Free. Will you be picking up In Focus? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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