October 1, 2023
2022 VIP Rewards Update

2022 VIP Rewards Update

Back in 2019, the LEGO® Group completely overhauled the VIP rewards system. Points collectors used to simply walk into the store and the decide on the spot if they wanted to redeem their points towards a discount or not. The new system eliminated that possibility. Instead, you needed to redeem a voucher in your online account. Additionally, the new system instituted separate vouchers for online and in store purchases. Many AFOLs saw the move as a step backwards that overly complicated the points redemption process. However, all that has changed once again. With the 2022 VIP rewards update, you can once again redeem your points immediately in store. Also, if you redeem a voucher, it is valid online and in store, not one or the other.

The 2019 VIP rewards update forced you to select discounts either online or in store.

The LEGO® Group is calling this change the omnichannel reward. One points redemption gives you a discount online, in store, or over the phone, however you choose to shop. The program received a soft release in parts of Europe in June. On August 17, the change finally reached Canada. When you log into your VIP rewards account, you now only see one row of discount options. This certainly cuts down on the confusion of redeeming the wrong voucher and having an ordeal at your selected point of purchase.

The 2022 VIP rewards update allows you to redeem one discount voucher for use online, in store, or on the phone.

2022 VIP Rewards Update eliminates separate vouchers for online and in store purchases.

However, the greatest change in the 2022 VIP rewards update is the return to direct in store shopping. While you have to redeem a voucher for use online, you don’t need one at the cash register anymore. To sweeten the deal, you are not limited to $5.00 increments in store either. You can redeem points in $1 increments now! Your Build-A-Mini package costs you $13? You can now redeem that fully if you have the points. You don’t have to redeem $10 in vouchers and then pay $3.

Image ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

Wait, there’s more?!? Yup, the 2022 VIP rewards update did away with another annoyance from the 2019 overhaul. Before 2019, Canadians could collect and redeem VIP points on trips to the United States. Since 2019, VIP points have been geo-blocked. You could only redeem them in your country of residence. Vouchers redeemed online remain limited to your country of residence. However, you can now collect and redeem points in stores anywhere in the world at the cash register without a voucher.

VIP points are now redeemable internationally in store without a voucher, in $1 increments.

I’ve enjoyed the collectibles introduced in 2019…

I will say one thing for the 2019 update, it brought interesting collectibles into the mix. I greatly enjoy redeeming my points for fun, exclusive items. However, the program in general represented a large step backwards in terms of ease of use. The voucher system has been a major pain point for AFOLs for years. I am really happy that it it now gone. With that said, there is a transition period as store employees learn the new system, so be kind. Also, remember to have your VIP card or email address ready in store to redeem your points. Without the email address associated with your VIP account or your card, you will not be able to redeem your rewards. What do you think of the 2022 VIP rewards update? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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  1. wonderful news!! thanks for the info. with every survey i filled in for lego, i complained about the “new” system – it made so little sense to any afol…. glad to see they’ve seen the light! look forward to the new and improved vip system.

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