September 28, 2023
Target Offering VIP Points

Target Offering VIP Points

The LEGO® Group and Target team up again in the United States. While the retail chain failed in Canada, they are still going strong south of the border. Additionally, they have a long history of LEGO® exclusives such as Bean There, Donut That, the LEGO® x Target collection, and the recent Ideas fan vote. The latest partnership sees Target offering VIP points in a six month trial run. Sadly, the opportunity is not currently available to cross-border shoppers. However, if you have an American-based VIP points account, you are in luck.

Target offering VIP points
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I enquired through the LEGO® Ambassador Network whether or not Canadians shopping in the United States can take advantage of the offer. Unfortunately, for the time being, the answer is no. This is a trial running until the end of January. No doubt, organizers want to keep the number of complicating variables low for a test run. We can hope that if all goes well, the program will expand. However, there is no confirmation of that at this time. For Americans, the VIP center got an update. When you log in, you now see the option to upload a Target receipt (see below).

What American accounts will see when they log in:

Image compliments of the LEGO® Ambassador Network.
Image compliments of the LEGO® Ambassador Network.

While we might be out of the loop currently in Canada, this is an interesting development with future potential. After all, many Canadians head south of the border to shop. Additionally, Target offering VIP points opens up the possibility for similar offers at Canadian retailers. A similar VIP points opportunity is currently running in France. What retailers would you like to see added to the VIP points list? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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