September 24, 2023
Seven of Nine Fantasy Minifigure

Seven of Nine Fantasy Minifigure

It is Monday once more. What better way to get you through the beginning-of-the-week-blahs than a fun new minifig drawing? This week, we have reached the second to last character in my Star Trek Voyager series. This fan-favorite addition to the Star Trek universe appeared in four seasons of Voyager. Additionally, she recently returned in Picard. You guessed it, today we look at the Seven of Nine fantasy Minifigure. For those who don’t know (is there anyone?), Seven was a Borg drone severed from the collective by the Voyager crew. She was assimilated at a young age and had to come to grips with her humanity after leaving the Borg.

Watch the Seven of Nine Fantasy Minifigure episode on YouTube.

Seven was the first character I drew for this fantasy series. In fact, I drew her for fun before I even knew I would make a full series of characters. Since this was one of the first pictures I drew using my iPad and Vectornator, I did not create a very dynamic pose for Seven. However, that suits the character just fine. To try and capture her persona, I drew a neutral expression and her hands clasped behind her back. The hairpiece was modeled after one that actually exists in LEGO® form. I am sure you all know it. I chose Seven’s blue outfit from later seasons of Voyager, which also appears on one of the action figures shown below.

A simple, forward facing pose worked well to capture Seven’s personality.

Seven of Nine Fantasy Minifigure drawing.
Seven of Nine fantasy Minifigure. This is an original artwork which cannot be used, reproduced, or modified in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

Playmates produced four Seven of Nine action figures back in the 1990s. That makes her the most represented Star Trek Voyager character in figurine form. The original Seven appeared as a quasi-Borg drone. The character depicts Seven from early season four, after the Doctor already began removing her Borg implants. This character included a Bord display base and alcove, a power regulator, and a scanner. This figurine was available around 1997-1998. This was the only Seven of Nine action figure that was widely distributed.

The remaining three action figures were rarer. However, they were also all variants of the same design. Perhaps the most common of the three was Seven in her silver uniform. In North America, Target sold this figurine exclusively, but it retailed overseas as well. She had a phaser rifle, scanner, desktop monitor, and Starfleet display base. This figurine was also available in a cobalt blue uniform. Sadly, this version never retailed in North America. It was exclusive to European and Australian markets, making it quite rare and valuable. She came with a PADD, Type II phaser, engineering diagnostic tools, and a Starfleet display base.

Most Seven of Nine action figures were re-colors of the same mold.

The final Seven of Nine action figure produced in this scale by Playmates featured a purple outfit. This was probably the rarest of the Seven action figures. Incidentally, it was not available for retail. Rather, it was a Toyfare magazine exclusive. You had to complete a mail away order to get one. Playmates produced only 10,000 of these figurines. She came in different packaging along with a Borg scanner and a Starfleet display base. While among my favorite action figures, none of the Seven of Nine figurines feature much articulation. These characters arrived at a time when poseability was sacrificed for “realistic” postures among many action figures. I didn’t like that transition, which was one of the reasons I stopped collection action figures for a time.

I met Jeri Ryan in 2012.

Jeri Ryan portrayed Seven of Nine from season four through seven on Star Trek Voyager. Additionally, she returned to the role recently in Star Trek Picard. I had the great fortune to briefly meet Ryan at the Wizard World Convention in Toronto back in 2012. The event marked one of the few times I paid for both an autograph and a photo op. I don’t remember much else about the event except that I had to wait in line a lot. Additionally, Jeri Ryan and I discussed the Finnish spelling of my first name… which is the same conversation I have with most celebrities at these events.

That’s it for the Seven of Nine Fantasy Minifigure entry. Consequently, the end of my Voyager series is rapidly approaching. Only one character remains! Be sure to tune in next week as I reveal another villain who appeared twice in Voyager’s seven seasons. Any guesses who that might be?

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Star Trek Voyager series including the Seven of Nine fantasy Minifigure.
Star Trek Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used, reproduced, or modified in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

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