September 29, 2023
LEGO Set Price Increases

LEGO® Set Price Increases

Recently, one of our readers wrote to me about price changes to LEGO® sets at a Canadian retailer. I went to have a look. Indeed, Club Jouet recently changed their pricing for LEGO® sets. Interestingly, this store generally prices their sets in line with the LEGO® Store. We all know that about a quarter of the LEGO® catalog goes up in price this coming August. We also know the change impacts mostly larger sets. Club Jouet’s markups appear to follow that trend. Consequently, I decided to dig a little more by visiting other retailers online. Typical sources, like Amazon and Toys R Us, have not changed their pricing. However, I found another Quebec retailer that had, Renaud-Bray. I was able to match their markups to those at Club Jouet in most cases. You can see the list below of the LEGO® set price increases.

UPDATE: After publication, Canadian retailers Archambault and Mastermind Toys both updated their prices to reflect the changes in the table below.

Possible Canadian LEGO® Set Price Increases

ThemeSetCurrent RRPMarkup RRPDiscount Needed*
ClassicLarge Creative Brick Box$69.99$74.997%
Creator 3-in-1Pirate Ship$139.99$149.997%
DC ComicsBatmobile Penguin Chase$39.99$44.9910%
The Tumbler$329.99$349.996%
DisneyAriel’s Underwater Palace$119.99$129.998%
Belle and the Beast’s Castle$99.99$109.9910%
The Ice Castle$269.99$279.994%
Harry PotterHogsmeade Village Visit$109.99$119.998%
Hogwarts Castle$499.99$589.9915%
Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets$169.99$199.9915%
Hogwarts Icons$349.99$379.998%
Hogwarts Magical Trunk$79.99$84.996%
IconsAssembly Square$339.99$379.9911%
Boutique Hotel$269.99$289.997%
Flower Bouquet$69.99$79.9913%
Ford Mustang$199.99$209.995%
Haunted House$299.99$379.9921%
Friends Apartments$199.99$229.9913%
Ghostbusters ECTO-1$259.99$299.9915%
Optimus Prime$219.99$239.998%
Porsche 911$199.99$209.995%
Real Madrid$449.99$499.9910%
IdeasFender Stratocaster$139.99$149.997%
The Globe$269.99$289.997%
Grand Piano$479.99$499.994%
Home Alone$349.99$379.998%
Medieval Blacksmith$199.99$229.9913%
Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone$89.99$99.9910%
Tree House$269.99$309.9913%
Jurassic WorldGiganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack$169.99$179.996%
Quezalcoatlus Ambush$49.99$59.9913%
T. rex and Atrociraptor Breakout$109.99$129.9915%
MarvelThe Goat Boat$64.99$79.9919%
MinecraftThe Abandoned Mine$24.99$32.9924%
The Fox Lodge$24.99$32.9924%
The Mushroom House$24.99$32.9924%
The Training Grounds$89.99$99.9910%
Series 22$4.99$5.9917%
NinjagoHydro Bounty$169.99$179.996%
Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO$39.99$44.9911%
Lloyd’s Race Car EVO$39.99$44.9911%
Ninjago City Gardens$399.99$449.9911%
Zane’s Titan Mech Battle$79.99$84.996%
Speed ChampionsFerrari 512M$24.99$29.9917%
Lamborghini Countach$24.99$29.9917%
Mercedes AMG F1 & Project 1$39.99$44.9911%
Aston Martin Valkyrie & Vantage$49.99$59.9917%
Star WarsAT-AT$199.99$209.995%
AT-AT (UCS)$949.99$1049.9910%
The Child$99.99$109.999%
Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama$109.99$119.998%
Dark Trooper Attack$39.99$44.9911%
Dark Trooper Helmet$79.99$89.9911%
Death Star Trench Run Diorama$79.99$89.9911%
Luke Skywalker’s Helmet$79.99$89.9911%
Mandalorian Helmet$79.99$89.9911%
Millennium Falcon (Rise of Skywalker)$179.99$209.9914%
Millennium Falcon (UCS)$899.99$1049.9914%
Mos Eisley Cantina$449.99$499.9910%
Republic Gunship (UCS)$479.99$499.994%
Super MarioAdventures with Mario Starter Course$69.99$74.997%
Character Packs – Series 4$4.99$5.9917%
Nintendo Entertainment System$299.99$349.9914%
Question Block$199.99$249.9920%
TechnicAll-Terrain Vehicle$99.99$109.999%
App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle$179.99$199.9910%
BMW M 1000 RR$299.99$309.993%
Ferrari 488 GTE$229.99$249.998%
John Deere 9620R Tractor$39.99$44.9911%
Heavy Duty Tow Truck$199.99$219.999%
Lamborghini Sian$489.99$559.9913%
McLaren Formular 1 Race Car$239.99$249.994%
Technic: Porsche 911 RSR$199.99$249.9920%
*Discount needed is the sale required to drop the new RRP back to the old RRP in case you are shopping in the future.

My analysis…

As you can see, you need a sale ranging from 3% to 24% off in order to drop the markup price back down to the original price. The average sale needed is around 11%. True to the LEGO® Group’s earlier announcement, most sets did not change price. The list above represents 17% of the sets sold at Club Jouet. The LEGO® Group indicated earlier that prices would rise on about 25% of the catalog. Of course, Club Jouet and Renaud Bray do not sell LEGO® Store exclusives. Since those tend to be larger sets, they might well make up the difference. I did not notice any obvious changes to themes like City or Friends. In fact, in house brands aimed mostly at children remained largely unchanged.

Of course, take this information with a grain of salt. Nothing here was confirmed by the LEGO® Group. However, this information seems in line with the earlier announcement. Additionally, I was able to corroborate the prices using other Canadian sites. On top of that, many of these sets appear on American reports covering the price increase that you can find online. With that said, the LEGO® Group only suggests an RRP. It is up to individual retailers to set their own prices. What do I think? Personally, I will buy my wish list items off this list just in case. The worst case scenario is that I pay full price. The best case scenario is I save between 3% and 24% depending on the set. If you have wish list items on this list, the LEGO® set price increases have not taken effect at the LEGO® Store yet.

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6 thoughts on “LEGO® Set Price Increases

  1. Hello, thanks so much for the checkwork. I wonder if the Police Station ( Modular ) will be increased as well. What do you think ? I have not bought this one yet.

    1. You’re welcome! The modular police station did not change price between the sites that I checked. I can’t say for sure if it will or not, but so far it does not look like it.

  2. Thanks for doing the checks for us. This hobby is getting more expensive (like everything else).

    There is an error with the way you calculated the % Change. Currently the article shows % Change = (Markup RRP – Current RRP) / Markup RRP – 100. The correct formula is % Change = (Markup RRP – Current RRP) / Current RRP – 100.

    For example, a set that currently sells for $200 but will sell for $250 is a price increase of 25%, not 20%.

    Sadly, this means the “3 – 24% markup” you mentioned is actually even bigger.

  3. I just put in an order and clicked on your link from this site. I hope that you got the credit. I am a regular buyer on the lego site so I was not sure if you would get this credit for my recent purchase.

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