May 31, 2023
More on LEGO Con 2022

More On LEGO® Con 2022

As we all know, LEGO® Con is back on June 18. We reported on the original announcement back in May. However, more on LEGO® Con 2022 surfaced today via the LEGO® Group’s (TLG) Instagram story. In fact, we now have a pretty good idea of the schedule for the day. Last year’s LEGO® Con resulted in mixed reviews. While TLG advertises this year’s shindig clearly as a family event (ie: not geared to AFOLs), it also seems they took some of the critiques last year to heart. Fans complained loudly about the lack of truly new set reveals. Consequently, it looks like TLG has saved some of its announcements for this weekend.

Perhaps the most interesting item on the agenda is the new theme launch. What could it be? At this point, we have all heard the rumors of an Avatar line. It makes sense a new LEGO® theme would arise with James Cameron’s new film hitting theaters later this year. Additionally, the official Twitter account for Avatar confirmed earlier this week that something relating to film would surface on June 18 from TLG. I loved the first Avatar, so this is pretty exciting news from my standpoint.

Did someone call for blue aliens?

In addition to Avatar joining the roster, some of the regular themes are gearing up for announcements as well. Whether or not that means new sets has yet to be revealed in most cases. We know for certain that the Marvel Superheroes line will reveal a new kit. Additionally, we’ll see new character packs for the Super Mario theme. However, vague statements like “behind the scenes access” and “sneak peek at upcoming adventures” seen on Instagram could just as easily deal with video specials or something of the sort.

The 90th Anniversary surprises also intrigue me. Again, that is a vague statement that could end up being anything. However, if you think back to January 2021, TLG gave us all the chance to vote on a special anniversary set pertaining to a classic theme. So far, TLG’s kept tight lipped about the results of that vote. In my opinion, LEGO® Con 2022 is the ideal time to let fans know what the new set will be. Again, this is idle speculation… but my fingers are crossed. That remains one of my most anticipated reveals for 2022. In any case, mark those calendars because LEGO® Con hits TLG’s official YouTube channel this Saturday, June 18. Will you be watching? What’s piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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