December 2, 2023

2022 Hallmark Ornaments

Is it too early to start planning your Christmas season purchases? Seemingly not as Hallmark has released their 2022 “Dreambook” featuring this year’s assortment of holiday ornaments. Similar to last year, this collection includes four LEGO® inspired collectibles. Sadly for me, none are superheroes this year. Incidentally, I put up a superhero themed tree each year. In past years, I was able to add LEGO® Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman to my Christmas Tree. However, I remain excited by some of the 2022 Hallmark ornaments all the same.

This year, my tree may expand beyond superheroes. The new Hallmark collection includes a Yeti, Classic Astronaut, BB-8 from Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Each of the decorations will cost $21.99 in Canada. The Yeti goes up for purchase on July 9, while the others only hit store shelves on October 8. I think a classic spaceman and yeti will join my tree this year. What about you? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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5 thoughts on “2022 Hallmark Ornaments

  1. I’m behind on reading… I had that little Blue Spaceman when I was a kid… came in a space set with a lunar landscape plate… and a ship. wish I remebered the name… had to be mid 80’s

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