June 9, 2023

Bargain Bricks: Episode 3 – 30 Pounds of Bricks

We have reached Bargain Bricks: Episode 3! This week, I am sharing a 30 pound bin of bricks that I bought on Facebook Marketplace for $280 CAD. I don’t normally buy bins like this because you never know what you are going to get. However, a tantalizing piece caught my eye. Among the pictures of parts advertised was one containing the partially concealed hull of an old Pirates ship. Pirates is probably my all time favorite theme. I loved it as a kid. However, there were many sets I just could not have at that stage in my life. The idea for this Bargain Bricks series actually came about because of my continuous search for inexpensive, retired Pirates sets. You can check out episode one for an example. Otherwise, check out the bin in the episode below, or read on for a preliminary synopsis!

Bargain Bricks: Episode 3 – 30 Pounds of Bricks

Upon opening the bin, the first interesting piece I found was the front of a space shuttle. This particular piece appeared in two sets: the Utility Shuttle (60078) and Spaceport (60080). I love the City theme space sets. In fact, I already have Spaceport. It was one of the early sets I bought after leaving my dark age. That was before True North Bricks, so I don’t even have a review of it. The set remains assembled on display on my shelf. I love it. I am not sure which of the two sets this particular “plane front” brick hails from. However, I would happy with either. I love Spaceport, and I missed out on Utility Shuttle in favor of Spaceport.

This interesting assortment seemingly includes a space shuttle and an Imperial Flagship.

Next up, I located the aforementioned pirate ship hull. On closer inspection, I think it is the Imperial Flagship (6271) from 1992. The Minifigures I found corroborate that fact. While we’ll take a closer look in a future episode, I am really hoping that is correct and the set is complete. It could be worth a lot of money. In fact, a complete Imperial Flagship would be worth the whole price I paid for this bin. Not that I would sell it even if it was complete. That set is on my personal collection wish list.

Another interesting piece in the bin is Jedi Master Pong Krell. That character appeared in one LEGO® set, the Z-95 Headhunter (75004) from 2013. After filming, I looked up Krell on Bricklink, and the lowest price for the Minifigure alone is around $20. The lowest price in Canada at publication is over $30. I can see some of the correct color pieces among the bags in the bin, leading me to believe I might have the Headhunter on my hands. There’s something else to look forward to in a future episode.

Pong Krell, Savage Opress, and an Indiana Jones set to boot!

After filming, I also found another interesting Star Wars character, Savage Opress. He also appeared in only one set, the Sith Nightspeeder (7957) from 2011. Finally, the Egyptian sticker I found pasted to a wall element while filming hails from Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb (7621) from 2008. Time will tell what else I find in this bin of goodies as I start parting out sets. Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing in future episodes? Let me know in the comments below, or reach out on social media.

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