June 2, 2023

Art with BrickinNick

Editor’s Note:

LEGO® bricks inspire creations of all sorts. More and more, people are turning to the bricks as an artistic medium or muse. I often share my own LEGO® inspired art on Minifigure Monday. However, today is not about how LEGO® leads me to create. Instead, we’ve got an amazing guest post. You might have seen the author around the Canadian LEGO® scene. Without further ado, here’s some art with BrickinNick! For more content from my fellow RLFM ambassador, check him out on his site, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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Art with BrickinNick

Hello there, I’m BrickinNick, a LEGO® content creator focusing on custom builds. I stream on Twitch and make content for a variety of other social platforms too! I love sharing how I bring my custom builds to life, and post instructions and tutorials for many of my smaller builds as often as I can.

A few weeks ago, in an attempt to try something different and fun during another lockdown, I suggested to my partner that we paint together. She had mentioned wanting to try it again after having not done it for years. I hadn’t painted since grade school, so I was nervous, but wanted to see what we could do. We headed to a dollar store, picked up some small flat canvases, a mix of brushes, some paint, and were off to work.

Art with BrickinNick
Image compliments of BrickinNick.

In an effort to keep our paintings simpler and more approachable, we decided we would go for a silhouette style painting. That significantly reduced the amount of detail needed. We then each found some works online to use inspiration and got to work! We both started with the backgrounds, then used a pencil to sketch out the designs. Finally, we filled the sketched areas in with black paint.

I was really surprised with how awesome both pieces turned out. For my piece, I decided to bring my love of LEGO® into it. The painting includes a Minifigure roaming through a forest of tall trees—inspired by the classic LEGO® prefab tree part—in front of the northern lights. I thought it was fitting to have my subject exploring the outdoors. That is definitely something I’ve become more appreciative of through lockdowns. That’s especially true during the cold winter months in Canada when you can’t be outside nearly as often.

Art with BrickinNick
Image compliments of BrickinNick

All in all, I really enjoyed zoning out for a few hours and exploring painting. I found it to be extremely relaxing and peaceful, with the end result being super rewarding. Hope this may inspire a few folks to get out there and do some painting themselves!


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