September 22, 2023

The Dino Files (Book Review)

LEGO® Jurassic World is one of my favorite themes. Interestingly, I am not always a fan of the sets. I love the theme for the dinosaur figurines. Consequently, when DK Publishing put out LEGO® Jurassic World: The Dino Files, I was intrigued. The book takes a look at the characters and sets from the Jurassic World theme and is full of pictures of many the dinosaurs and Minifigures produced so far.

The first thing you need to remember in picking up this book is that it is meant for kids. I had to remind myself of this numerous times in reading through it. I am still waiting for a comprehensive encyclopedia aimed at adults. The DK books never meet my expectations in that regard. With that said, the book does a decent job presenting all the dinosaur figurines with large photos and amusing layouts. Additionally, you get tidbits of information about the real dinosaurs and how Jurassic Park/World variants compare.

The book does a decent job of presenting many of the dinosaur figurines and minifigs.

Sample of a dinosaur spread from DK's LEGO Jurassic World: The Dino Files book.
Sample of a dinosaur spread.

In terms of the information provided, I think this book is a bit of a missed opportunity. I am not talking about an adult’s perspective here either. Kids love dinosaurs. This book does not present enough information to educate much. With topics like Jurassic World and LEGO® bricks, you have a unique opportunity to really ensnare kids in a scientific and educational topic through play, toys, and ever popular dinosaurs. I wish this volume took a more encyclopedic and informational approach complimented by the awesome graphics and layouts the book already presents. Couple that with build instructions for models on topics like sedimentation and fossil formation, and you would surely have a winner. As it stands, the book is more product promotion than anything else.

The book is more product promotion than anything else.

Information tidbits in The Dino Files.
Sampling of facts provided in the book.

For the LEGO® enthusiasts out there, the book covers most characters prior to summer 2021. The book does not include the latest wave of sets and Minifigures based on Camp Cretaceous. Additionally, the Bricktober exclusive Minifigures are lacking. The only version of Ian Malcolm is the one from Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage. The final missing point is the lack of an exclusive Minifigure… DK books often include one. I wish this book did too considering my love of all things Jurassic Park.

Sample of character bios.
Sample of character bios in The Dino Files.

In the end, LEGO® Jurassic World: The Dino Files is a nice picture book for very young children. It does not include an exclusive Minifigure, nor is it a complete reference for older collectors. However, it does cover most dinosaur figurines and theme specific Minifigures released before summer 2021. The book is fun, but I wish it included more. There is no shame in product promotion through a book like this. However, there’s no reason is can’t be fun and more educational at the same time. It needs build instructions and more solid information. Have you read the Dino Files? Let us know what you think in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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A sample of a set spread from the Dino Files.
Sample of a set spread from The Dino Files.

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