October 1, 2023

December 2021 Store Calendar

The LEGO® Group unveiled the December 2021 Store Calendar. The final calendar of the year offers little in terms of gifts-with-purchase (GWPs). There is only one in store opportunity at the moment. However, there is a cryptic note on Boxing Day about choosing your own GWP with purchases over $55. That price point is not very high, so don’t expect anything major. But, you might get an interesting polybag for that amount. I suppose only time will tell. What I am wondering about is the white reindeer figurine seen atop the calendar. I will take one of those, please. Doubtful the LEGO® Group will offer that up… but one can dream. We will update this page if anything else comes up 🙂

December 2021 Store calendar heading featuring a white reindeer figurine.
Can I have one of those reindeer? (Image ©2021 The LEGO® Group.)


The double VIP points sets for December 2021 are:


  • Free Santa Claus (30580) with purchases over $55. Offer valid in store only until December 14.
December 2021 store calendar GWP.
©2021 The LEGO® Group.


  • Choose your GWP with purchases over $55. Offer valid in store only.

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