September 29, 2023

2021 Black Friday LEGO® Deals

One of the biggest shopping weekends of the year is upon us. There are a great many LEGO® deals to be had at various retailers in Canada, and True North Bricks has you covered for all the sales! Here’s hoping you get that special item on your wish list.

This list will be updated throughout the weekend, so be sure to check back.


As an associate of the following retailers, True North Bricks earns from qualifying purchases. This does not cost you anything extra at checkout. However, using these links helps to keep the content at True North Bricks free.


  • 18+: Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
  • 18+: Assembly Square
  • 18+: Aston Martin
  • 18+: Bird of Paradise 🙂
  • 18+: Book Shop
  • 18+: Old Trafford
  • 18+: Pickup Truck
  • 18+: Police Station
  • 18+: Porsche 911
  • Advent Calendar: Harry Potter 🙂
  • Architecture: New York
  • Architecture: Paris
  • Architecture: Statue of Liberty
  • Architecture: Tokyo
  • Art: Hogwarts Crests
  • Art: Iron Man
  • Art: Mickey Mouse
  • Art: The Sith
  • Chinese New Year: Spring Lantern Festival
  • Chines New Year: Story of Nian
  • City: Cargo Train
  • City: Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control
  • City: Downtown Fire Brigade
  • City: Family House
  • City: Fire Station
  • City: Garbage Truck
  • City: Holiday Camper Van
  • City: Mail Plane
  • City: Main Square
  • City: Mobile Command Center
  • City: Monster Truck Heist
  • City: Passenger Airplane
  • City: Police Helicopter Chase
  • City: Police Patrol Boat
  • City: Police Station
  • City: Race Boat Transporter
  • City: Race Buggy Transporter
  • City: Road Plates
  • City: Road Work Truck
  • City: Safari Off-Roader
  • City: Sport Car
  • City: Tractor
  • City: Wildlife Rescue Camp
  • Classic: Around the World
  • Classic: Basic Brick Set
  • Classic: Creative Transparent Bricks
  • Classic: Creative White Bricks
  • Classic: Medium Creative Brick Box
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box 🙂
  • Creator: Caravan Family Holiday
  • Creator: Cyber Drone
  • Creator: Deep Sea Creatures
  • Creator: Race Car Transporter
  • Creator: Safari Wildlife Tree House
  • Creator: Space Mining Mech
  • Creator: Space Shuttle Adventures
  • Creator: Sports Car
  • Creator: Surfer Beach House
  • DC Comics: 1989 Batwing
  • DC Comics: Batman Cowl
  • DC Comics: Wonder Woman Vs Cheetah
  • Disney: Anna’s Canoe Expedition
  • Disney: Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventure
  • Disney: Arendelle Castle Village
  • Disney: Ariel’s Celebration Boat
  • Disney: Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana’s Storybook
  • Disney: Belle and Rapunzel’s Royal Stables
  • Disney: Belle’s Winter Castle Celebration
  • Disney: Boun’s Boat
  • Disney: Bruni the Salamander
  • Disney: Elsa’s Jewelry Box
  • Disney: Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure
  • Disney: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters
  • Disney: Raya and the Heart Palace
  • Dots: Summer Vibes
  • Friends: Andrea’s Family House
  • Friends: Baking Competition
  • Friends: Forest House
  • Friends: Forest Waterfall
  • Friends: Friendship Bus
  • Friends: Heartlake City Hair Salon
  • Friends: Heartlake City Hospital
  • Friends: Heartlake City Movie Theatre
  • Friends: Heartlake City Shopping Mall
  • Friends: Horse Training
  • Friends: Olivia’s Electric Car
  • Friends: Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Clock Tower
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Potions Class
  • Ideas: Central Perk
  • Ideas: International Space Station
  • Ideas: Medieval Blacksmith
  • Ideas: Pirates of Barracuda Bay
  • Ideas: Saturn V
  • Ideas: Tree House
  • Ideas: Typewriter
  • Jurassic World: Baryonyx Boat Escape
  • Jurassic World: Baryonyx Face-Off
  • Jurassic World: Indominus Rex Vs Ankylosaurus
  • Jurassic World: Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape
  • Marvel: Avengers Truck Takedown
  • Marvel: Endgame Final Battle
  • Marvel: Guardians’ Ship
  • Marvel: Hulkbuster Vs. AIM Agent
  • Marvel: Iron Man Hall of Armor
  • Marvel: Shang-Chi Escape from the Ten Rings
  • Marvel: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider Vs. Carnage
  • Mindstorms: Robot Inventor
  • Minecraft: The End Battle
  • Monecraft: The Wool Farm
  • Minions: Brick-Built Minions Lair
  • Minions: Gru’s Lab
  • Minions: Pilot in Training
  • Monkie Kid: Demon Bull King
  • Monkie Kid: Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain
  • Monkie Kid: Monkie Kid’s Lion Guardian
  • Monkie Kid: Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ
  • Monkie Kid: Monkey King Warrior Mech
  • Monkie Kid: Red Son’s Inferno Jet
  • Ninjago: Jay’s Cyber Dragon
  • Ninjago: Keeper’s Village
  • Ninjago: Zane’s Titan Mech Battle
  • Speed Champions: Mopar Dodge Dragster & Dodge Challenger
  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Clone Troopers
  • Star Wars: Armored Assault Tank
  • Star Wars: AT-AT
  • Star Wars: A-Wing Starfighter
  • Star Wars: Bad Batch Attack Shuttle
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader Helmet
  • Star Wars: D-O
  • Star Wars: Imperial Probe Droid
  • Star Wars: Imperial Shuttle
  • Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Star Wars: Knights of Ren Transport
  • Star Wars: Mandalorian Battle Pack
  • Star Wars: Mos Eisley Cantina
  • Star Wars: Razor Crest
  • Star Wars: Resistance X-Wing
  • Star Wars: Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter (limited time)
  • Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon
  • Star Wars: Scout Trooper Helmet (limited time) 🙂
  • Star Wars: Yoda
  • Super Mario: Adventures with Luigi Starter Course 🙂
  • Super Mario: Boomer Bill Barrage
  • Super Mario: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Super Mario: Thwomp Drop
  • Super Mario: Wiggler’s Poison Swamp
  • Technic: Chevrolet Corvette
  • Technic: Ferrari 488 GTE
  • Technic: Land Rover Defender
  • Technic: Porsche 911
  • Trolls: Poppy’s Hot Air Balloon 🙂
  • Trolls: Pop Village Celebration
  • Vidiyo: Alien DJ Beatbox
  • Vidiyo: Bandmates – Series 1
  • Vidiyo: Candy Castle Stage
  • Vidiyo: Candy Mermaid Beatbox 🙂
  • Vidiyo: Hip Hop Robot Beatbox 🙂
  • Vidiyo: K-Pawp Concert
  • Vidiyo: Party Llama Beat Box
  • Vidiyo: Punk Pirate Ship
  • Vidiyo: Unicorn DJ Beatbox



For the full rundown of November 2021 promotions at the LEGO® Store, click here.

  • Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber free with the purchase of the UCS AT-AT in store and online.
  • Santa’s Front Yard free with all purchases over $220 CAD in store and online.
  • Holiday Tree free with purchases over $50 in store only.

The double VIP points sets for November 2021 have changed to:



Many of the following are not all advertised as sales, but they are all below the recommended retail price. These are online deals, and prices in store may differ.


True North Bricks is not affiliated with any of the following sites and does not earn a commission from any purchases you might make by using the following links.


  • Click here to go shop.
  • Boost: Star Wars Droid Commander
  • Spike Prime: Core Set
  • Spike Prime : Essential Core Set
  • We-Do: Construction set and software


  • Click here to go shop all LEGO® sets.
  • Classic: Medium Creative Brick Box
  • Technic: 4×4 Extreme Off-Roader
  • Vidiyo: Select BeatBoxes at $15.


  • Click here to go shop.
  • Advent Calendar : Friends
  • Classic : Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Classic : Large Creative Brick Box
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter : Knight Bus
  • Ideas : Grand Piano
  • Ideas : International Space Station
  • Marvel : Avengers Endgame Final Battle
  • Star Wars: AT-AT
  • Star Wars : The Child
  • Star Wars : Imperial Shuttle
  • Super Mario: Adventures with Mario Starter Course
  • Super Mario : Bowser`s Airship
  • Super Mario : Master Your Own Adventure Maker Set
  • Super Mario: Toad`s Treasure Hunt
  • Technic: Ferrari 488 GTE

The following sets are not on sale, but come with an additional free kit.

  • Creator: Apollo Lunar Lander with free Disney Anna`s Canoe Expedition
  • Creator: Corner Garage with free Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Creator: Old Trafford with free Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Creator: Roller Coaster with free Star Wars The Child
  • DC Super Heroes: 1989 Batmobile with free Harry Potter Knight Bus
  • Harry Potter : Hogwarts Castle with free Star Wars The Child
  • Mindstorms: Robot Inventor with free Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer with free The Child
  • Super Mario: Nintendo Entertainment System with free Master Your Own Adventure Maker Set
  • Technic: Lamborghini Sian with free Star Wars The Child



  • Click here to go shop.
  • Harry Potter: Harry and Hermione buildable characters
  • 25% off Vidiyo products


The following deals apply to regularly priced items (price tags ending in *.99):

  • 15% off on City sets priced under $44.99
  • 15% off all Creator sets
  • 15% off all Friends sets priced under $44.99
  • 15% off all Star Wars sets priced under $44.99
  • Click here to go shop all sets.

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