December 10, 2023

Bricklink Designer Program Round 2

The Bricklink Designer Program round 2 is now up and running. Nine designs are competing for five production slots. Each of these sets is a past submission from LEGO® Ideas that reached 10,000 supporters. However, for one reason or another, the designs were not selected to become actual Ideas kits. Each submission received a second wind through the Bricklink Designer Program 2021 invitational. The nine ideas are now up for crowdfunding. The five production slots go to the first five sets to receive 3000 orders. In round one, the Castle in the Forest, Kakapo, Great Fishing Boat, Pursuit of Flight, and Sheriff’s Safe achieved the coveted milestone. I was lucky enough to score myself a Castle in the Forest.

In round two, the Modular LEGO® Store, Mountain Windmill, Venetian Houses, Retro Bowling Alley, Clockwork Aquarium, Seasons in Time Calendar, Ruined House, Science Adventures, and Quest Builder enter the running. As I write this, the Modular LEGO® Store, Mountain Windmill, Venetian Houses, and Retro Bowling Alley already passed 3000 orders. Consequently, only one slot remains. Crowdfunding closes on December 14 for this round.

UPDATE (Nov. 11, 2021): Within 24 hours of publication, five sets reached crowdfunded status. They were: Modular LEGO Store (sold out within 24 hours), Mountain Windmill, Venetian Houses, Retro Bowling Alley, and Clockwork Aquarium.

Nine sets are competing for five production slots.

Currently, all sets are available for purchase. Bricklink and the LEGO® Group will accept up to 10,000 orders for each set with an estimated shipping date in the third quarter of 2022. In terms of pricing, the sets are selling for the following:

  • Modular LEGO® Store – $229.99 CAD
  • Mountain Windmill – $229.99 CAD
  • Venetian Houses – $369.99 CAD
  • Retro Bowling Alley – $299.99 CAD
  • Clockwork Aquarium – $79.99 CAD
  • Season in Time Calendar – $329.99 CAD
  • Ruined House – $399.99 CAD
  • Science Adventures – $44.99 CAD
  • Quest Builder – $329.99 CAD

Interestingly, another set was originally included in round two. Brickwest Studios featured a western movie scene complete with saloon, stage lights, cameras, microphones, and dressing rooms for the cast. However, in light of the recent tragic events on the set of Rust, the set was pulled from this round. Bricklink provided the following comment:

We’ve moved Venetian House forward into Round 2 and Brickwest Studio back to Round 3. This is out of respect for people affected by the recent tragedy on the set of Rust. We didn’t want to draw any unintended and inappropriate association between the fan design and the tragedy at this difficult time.

Round two crowdfunding closes on December 14, 2021.

Of these sets, I am most excited about the Venetian Houses. In fact, I already ordered myself one. My second pick is the Mountain Windmill. However, I am on the fence about the open-back design of the latter. I really like the modular style of the Venetian Houses, and I am curious how they match up with the Creator Expert line. Remember, the Bricklink Designer Program round 2 remains open until December 14. What are your picks? Comment below or reach out on social media. To head over to Bricklink and place an order, click here.

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