September 29, 2023

Canadian LEGO® Deals (10/29/21)

This week’s Canadian LEGO® Deals (10/29/21) include the first wave of pre-holiday sales. Toys R Us has discounted a number of themes for most of November. Not to be left behind, Amazon also discounted sets in many of the same themes. Additionally, the Harry Potter GWPs are still on at the LEGO® Store.


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For the full rundown of October 2021 promotions at the LEGO® Store, click here.

Griffindor Dorms free with Harry Potter purchases over $130 in store and online until November 7.
Hermione’s Study Desk free with purchases over $55 in store only until November 7.
Friends Flower Cart (30413) free with Creator 3-in-1, Dots, or Friends purchases of $55 or more until October 31 or while supplies last.
Free with the purchase of the new Camp Nou Stadium set.

Double VIP Points sets for September 2021:



Many of the following are not all advertised as sales, but they are all below the recommended retail price. These are online deals, and prices in store may differ.


True North Bricks is not affiliated with any of the following sites and does not earn a commission from any purchases you might make by using the following links.


  • Click here to go shop all LEGO® products.
  • Spike Prime: Core Set
  • We-Do: Construction Set and Software


  • Click here to go shop all LEGO® products.
  • LEGO Movie 2: Queen Watevra’s Not-So-Evil Space Palace


  • Click here to go shop all LEGO® sets.
  • City: City Center
  • City: Stunt Show Arena
  • City: Stunt Show Truck
  • Friends: Magical Caravan
  • Friends: Magical Fun Fair Ferris Wheel and Slide
  • Friends: Magical Fun Fair Roller Coaster
  • Harry Potter: Fluffy Encounter
  • Ideas: Friends – Central Perk (not advertised as a sale, but $10 off RRP)
  • Technic: 4×4 Extreme Off-Roader
  • Vidiyo: Select BeatBoxes at $15.


  • Click here to go shop all LEGO® sets.
  • Advent Calendar: City
  • Advent Calendar: Friends
  • City: Passenger Train
  • Classic: Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box
  • Harry Potter: Knight Bus
  • Harry Potter Whomping Willow
  • Ideas: Grand Piano
  • Ideas: International Space Station
  • Ideas: Winnie the Pooh
  • Marvel Superheroes: Avengers Endgame Final Battle
  • Marvel Superheroes: Shang-Chi Escape from the Ten Rings
  • Star Wars: The Child
  • Super Mario: Bowser’s Boss Battle
  • Super Mario: Master Your Own Adventure Maker Set
  • Super Mario: Toad’s Treasure Hunt
  • Super Mario: Starter Course
  • Technic: Ferrari 488 GTE
  • Technic: Ford F-150 Raptor
  • Technic: McLaren Senna
  • Technic: Porsche 911

The following sets are not on sale, but come with a free set:

  • Creator: Corner Garage with free Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle with free Whomping Willow
  • Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage with free Classic Large Creative Brick Box
  • Mindstorms: Robot Inventor with free Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks
  • Super Mario: Nintendo Entertainment System with free Master Your Own Adventure Maker Set
  • Technic: Bugatti Chiron with free Technic McLaren Senna
  • Technic: Lamborghini Sian with free Star Wars The Child




The following deals apply to regularly priced sets (prices ending in *.99) from October 28 until November 17:

  • 20% off on all City sets priced over $49.99
  • 15% off on all Disney Princess and Frozen sets
  • 20% off on all Friends sets priced over $49.99
  • 15% off on all Harry Potter sets
  • 20% off on all Minecraft sets priced over $39.99
  • 20% off on all Ninjago sets priced over $39.99
  • 15% off on all Spider-Man sets
  • 15% off on all Star Wars sets priced above $49.99
  • 25% off on all Vidiyo sets