December 3, 2023

LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways

Gameloft is at it again. The video game developer who brought us LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and the Minion Rush: Gru’s Lair LEGO® themed levels is about to launch LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways. The game features a brand new Star Wars world for Minifigures to explore. Additionally, you can fully customize your playable character. The game reportedly comes stocked with hundreds of Star Wars minifig pieces to completely personalize your sig fig. That feature has me the most excited. Designing my own character is partly what made LEGO® Rock Band one of my favorite games back in the day.

LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways
Image courtesy of Gameloft Montreal.

The official press release describes the game as follows:

A new tropical destination filled with adventure awaits you and your friends in LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways. For the first time, players can customize their character with hundreds of LEGO® Star Wars pieces and discover a hidden planet, in the latest online multiplayer LEGO® Star Wars game. After crash landing on a mysterious planet in the middle of a maelstrom, players find they aren’t alone in their new home. Introduce yourself to brand-new characters and meet-up with other players in a thriving social hub of activity as you play and compete in a variety of games. Between racing Microfighters, acquiring gear and customization options, challenging your friends to battle in the Hippodrome, uncover the mystery of the corruption together and experience simulations spanning the entire Star Wars galaxy. Fight Tusken Raiders and see Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine; battle stormtroopers on Endor and navigate through the Death Star in simulations recorded at the Observatory. Build a team or play solo as you work to save these historical recordings and keep them safe from the growing corruption that’s altering these historical moments.

The game officially comes out on November 19, 2021 through Apple Arcade. The platform offers hundreds of games for a subscription of $5.99 per month. However, if you are interested in trying LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways before dishing out for a subscription, Apple Arcade offers a one month free trial. I am eager to try the character customization as well as the Star Wars variant of the pirate-esque castaway theme. What do you think? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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