September 22, 2023

Minion Rush – Gru’s Lair (Mobile Game)

Recently, I received an interesting press release not from the LEGO® Group, but Gameloft. Yes, the video game developer. The document concerned the Minion Rush mobile game and the current crossover with the LEGO® Minions theme. From August 6 – 24, 2021, you can play through levels inspired by the current Rise of Gru LEGO® sets. Incidentally, we reviewed the Kung Fu Training Accessory Pack here on True North Bricks not long ago. In any case, curiosity got the best of me. Consequently, I downloaded Minion Rush and gave the game a go.

Minion Rush - Gru's Lair
Image used with permission. ©2021 Gameloft.

Firstly, what is Minion Rush? My early experiences with the game evoked memories of Donkey. You know, the DOS computer game from the ’80s? Perhaps I am dating myself a little with that statement. However, Donkey involved driving a racecar down a road while avoiding crashing into donkeys. Similarly, Minion Rush involves racing a Minion along a track while avoiding hitting obstacles like rockets, totemic statues, cars, or electrical cables to name a few. Of course, times have changed since the days of Donkey. These Minions must also complete challenges including (but not limited to) collecting a certain number of bananas, jumping a set number of objects, or running for a specific length of time. You achieve all of this by swiping your fingers along your smartphone screen.

Anyone else feeling nostalgic for Donkey?

Minion Rush
Image used with permission. ©2021 Gameloft.

As soon as you load the app, LEGO®-related tidbits appear. For example, the loading screen features the silhouette of a Minion alongside a Minifigure. Additionally, the mission screen showcases the LEGO® logo. Clicking on it displays a little ad that can take you to or off to download the LEGO® Life app. However, if you are newbie to the game, that is all you will see for a while. The LEGO® themed levels only show up once you have played for a bit and reach an agent rank of three. That took me a couple of hours.

I played my way to the first of the LEGO® levels. From what I understand of the game, playing longer will unlock more. However, the LEGO® Group crossover is an “event” in the game. This means it will not be around forever. You have until August 24 to be precise. While you play, you collect special LEGO® tickets. Subsequently, these purchase special prizes available only during the crossover event. If you do not use them before the event ends, you lose them. These are in addition to the LEGO® themed prize pods available in the regular game shop.

Why aren’t there LEGO® prize pods for running around in real life?

How did I feel about my first venture into Minion Rush? Surprisingly entertained. I do not play mobile games often. However, I did not get frustrated or bored playing through this one until I reached the LEGO® content. It is a simple game to get the hang of. However, it is challenging enough to entertain, but not so challenging that it overly frustrates. My main point of contention is the huge number of ads. Ultimately, I liked the game enough to pay the whopping $0.99 to purchase the app and eliminate many of the ads. Now, there are still ads, but I can choose to watch them or not if I want to speed things up in the game, or get a re-do if I fail a level.

Curious about Minion Rush? You can download it for free in the Apple App Store or through Google Play. As with many mobile games, you can pay for it to get fewer ads. Additionally, the game has in-app purchases. While Minion Rush drained my phone battery like nobody’s business, I liked the experience. It entertained me for a couple of hours while I simultaneously conducted “research” for this article. However, remember, the LEGO® themed levels are available for a limited time only. Have you played Minion Rush? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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