December 10, 2023

Wizarding World Minifigures Accessory Set

Today’s review is a quick look at the Wizarding World Minifigures Accessory Set (40500). This is the second minifigure set in the Harry Potter theme after 2020’s Hogwarts Students Accessory Set (40419). Much like before, it’s a blister package shaped like a minifigure with a selection of 4 characters and a small build. Build times and cost-per-brick values really don’t apply to a set this small, so I will simply look at the minifigure selection and give a score.


  • NAME: Wizarding World Minifigures Accessory Set
  • SET #: 40500
  • THEME: Harry Potter
  • COST: $19.99 CAD
  • RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2021

‘New’ Harry

Wizarding World Minifigures Accessory Set comes with 4 characters, 3 of which are all-new. The 177th (give-or-take) version of Harry Potter is technically new, but also a mish-mash of parts. Harry’s head is the standard adult version of the character with dual-sided face and short hair. His torso is a reuse of the one included in the Diagon Alley set and is a Gryffindor cloak with a clasp. Throw in some adult legs in black and voila – a ‘new’ Harry Potter. Harry’s accessory is a lovely new printed element; a 2×3 tile with the names of Dumbledore’s army. It’s a pretty solid nod to the film and a great item for minifigure play or scene building.

New Characters

The remaining three characters make their debut with this set but only one actually gets a name. Mr. Borgin is the co-owner of Borgin & Burkes, the magical antiques shop located in Knockturn Alley. The character appeared briefly in the 2nd and 6th films, each time helping a Malfoy get up to no good. His design features a dual-sided face, a nice torso print of a checkered suit jacket and plain brown legs.

The remaining two figures are simply labeled as “Witch” and “Wizard” – perfect for magical army building! The Witch has a lovely printed skirt piece and a dual-sided face. Fun Fact: Her torso is a reuse of Vicki Vale’s from the 1989 Batmobile (76319). Her hat/hair piece is a nice recolouring of the one recently done for Professor McGonagall. The Wizard has plain legs and a fancy jacket torso print. Surprisingly, he is the only minifigure with a single-sided face print. But fear not, he comes with a fancy top hat for that stylish Wizard on-the-go.

The accessory portion of this set gives you 2 cauldrons, 2 bottles, and an owl. A simple 2×6 plate atop two rounded bricks creates a table to rest the goodies on. Owls are always a fun treat with the Harry Potter sets and I love displaying any extra ones in Diagon Alley. The bottle labeled ‘acid pops’ is a fun wizards treat (allegedly) sold in shops like Honeydukes. It makes sense then, that this new accessory first appeared in the Hogsmeade Village Visit (76388) set. In the Honeydukes build of course. But please don’t confuse them with puking pastilles – such a mess.

Gotta Get Them All

Wizarding World Minifigures Accessory Set (40500) is small but comes with a few fun elements. For minifigure collectors, this won’t necessarily be a must-have, but it will add at least one more character from the films. I am collecting ALL the minifigures from this great theme, so it was a logical purchase with an OK price point. I will admit that these generic, nameless figures feel a bit like filler though. But they are well printed and will make a fun addition to the full set or characters. Overall it’s a decent set that won’t break the bank. And you get an owl! 😁

Overall: 6.5/10

What do you think? Are you aiming for a complete collection? Are you annoyed by nameless character minifigures? Do you enjoy these accessory sets? Comment below and as always, keep on brickin’.


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