December 2, 2023

The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge Revealed

The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge (75319) has been officially revealed by The LEGO® Group as the next set in the Star Wars Line. The set is currently available for pre-order on the LEGO.COM and will release on September 1, 2021. It will follow on the heels of the Summer 2021 Star Wars wave that also includes a number of sets based on The Mandalorian TV show.

  • NAME: The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge
  • SET #: 75319
  • THEME: Star Wars
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 258
  • RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2021 (currently available for pre-order)
  • COST/BRICK: $0.155 (OK value)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 86 bricks/fig (excellent value)

All The Beskar That’s Fit To Forge

The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge is a small setting build similar to 2020’s Trouble on Tatooine (75299). The piece counts are quite similar but are used more effectively here. Instead of 2 small builds, this is a more cohesive setting allowing for more detail and better screen accuracy. We also get the usual playable features that help you recreate a few iconic scenes from season 1. You will need to use some stickers to do so however (a bummer for some), but overall it’s a good little recreation.

Like so many of the upcoming Star Wars sets, the big draw is the minifigure selection. The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) is the same minifigure with beskar armor released in recent sets. The Armorer makes her minifigure debut with a new helmet print that is a re-use of the Gar Saxon helmet in the upcoming Mandalorian Starfighter (75316) set. Rounding out the minifigs is Paz Vizsla, another all-new character for 2021. Paz features some great helmet, torso and leg printing along with printed armor parts.

This Is Still The Way

Although it’s a tinier set with a smaller piece count, this is a nice addition to the upcoming Star Wars wave. The minifigures will be a big draw for sure, and they are really well done. Pre-orders are open now and it won’t be a long wait as the set will release on September 1st. What do you guys think? Are you excited for this set? Do the minifigures work for you? Comment below and always, keep on brickin’.


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