September 27, 2023

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Coming Soon!

Exciting news from the LEGO® Group today. This is especially true if you are a space enthusiast. The Creator Expert (18+) NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is coming soon! As if that fun tidbit were not enough, the set also contains a model of the Hubble Space Telescope. Additionally, VIPs will have access to exclusive points-only purchases in the VIP center, including an additional set! True North Bricks received a pre-release copy of the Space Shuttle Discovery for review. We will have that up for your reading pleasure tomorrow. For now, check out the unboxing video below and read on for set specifics!

The real Discovery flew its first mission in 1984. It was an orbiter craft. Consequently, the vessel brought astronauts into low Earth orbit. In its years of service, Discovery shuttled crews to the International Space Station. Additionally, it deployed the famed Hubble Space Telescope. Discovery flew its final mission in 2011 after being in service for almost 27 years and 39 missions.

You also get the Hubble Space Telescope!

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery box art.

On the other hand, Hubble deployed from Discovery in 1990. It is one of the largest space telescopes ever assembled. Additionally, it is still in service after over 30 years. NASA launched it in space to function in an environment free of light, weather, a pollution interference. The telescope orbits Earth. Among its many discoveries, Hubble helped determine current estimates on the age of the universe and the presence of black holes at the center of galaxies.

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery box art.

In terms of set specifics, fans can expect:

  • NAME: NASA Space Shuttle Discovery
  • SET #: 10283
  • COST: $269.99 CAD
  • THEME: Creator Expert (18+)
  • BRICK COUNT: 2354
  • RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2021
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.114 (good value)
NASA Space Shuttle Discovery box art.

VIPs can also get the Ulysses Space Probe using their points.

In terms of the additional VIP merchandise, the official press release offered scant details. They state that the VIP center will have two items. However, the release only describes one. Here is what we know:

VIPs will be able to purchase two exclusive items with their points; a Ulysses Space Probe, available for 1,800 VIP Points, which the Space Shuttle Discovery also deployed in 1990 on a mission to scan the Sun. Limited stocks available.

Official product image. Image used with permission, ©2021 The LEGO® Group.

I am extremely excited to have this set already and cannot wait to share the review. My only preliminary issue is the lack of Minifigures. I wish this came with a couple of astronauts. With that said, the set is not actually Minifigure scale. After filming the unboxing above, I looked more closely at the packaging, and it reveals that minifigs cannot fit inside. However, minifigs or not, this set looks amazing. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the review!

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