June 9, 2023

Minifigure Monday: Viking Warrior

Minifigure Monday is a celebration of LEGO® characters through art. It has been a while since this column regularly graced True North Bricks. Truth be told, I have not been in the most creative of mindsets. However, that is slowly changing. Art takes many forms, and in the coming weeks, I will experiment with some. Additionally, I will shift the style of the posts a little. The focus of this week’s Minifigure Monday: the Viking Warrior. This was one of my favorite characters from last year. I did a photoshoot last fall at a local beach using the character. The images remained unused since then. However, they eventually inspired a drawing that I am sharing today.

Minifigure Monday: Viking photo that I took which eventually inspired a drawing.

This Viking character hails from collectible Minifigure series 20 (71027). That particular wave came out April 19, 2020 in Canada. I collected the entire series, however I never ended up posting about them. As I mentioned, I hit a creative rut around that time. In any case, I started drawing again recently. This was the first character I churned out. I used to offer a lot of coloring pages for free at True North Bricks. As such, I decided to offer this one in that format as well for old time’s sake. However, this week marks the last “traditional” Minifigure Monday for some time. I need to get out of my creative rut. Therefore, I tried a few new avenues to get Minifigure Monday rolling again. That all starts next week. For now, you can download this coloring page for a limited time only using the link below.

Viking drawing based on the Minifigure created by the LEGO® Group.

So what is in store for future Minifigure Mondays? Starting next week, we begin to look at Minifigures Series 21. I have been playing with video editing lately. Consequently, I will feel my way through the blind bags to produce a feel guide for characters. Of course, photography will play a role as I am aiming for a hybrid video/written format for the posts. Closer to the summer, Minifigure Monday will take another creative twist… However, I will leave you guessing on that one for now. I am hard at work on those artworks already and I cannot wait to share them. For now, happy coloring.

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Minifigure Monday: Viking coloring page sample.
Minifigure Monday: Viking coloring page sample.

True North Bricks coloring pages are provided for personal printing and coloring only.

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This coloring page offer has expired, it was available March 22 – 29, 2021.

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