September 28, 2023

Brick Moulding Machine (40502) LEGO® House Exclusive

The LEGO® House announced their latest exclusive set this morning. In the past, visiting the attraction meant fans could buy sets not available anywhere else like the Architecture LEGO® House, the Tree of Creativity, the Masterpiece Gallery Dinosaurs, and the Wooden Duck. The newest addition to the exclusive collection is the limited-edition Brick Moulding Machine (40502).

Image used with permission, ©2021 LEGO® House.

The official press release from the LEGO® House describes the Brick Moulding Machine as “representing an era in the history of the LEGO® Group going from producing toys in wood into plastic. It is the story about putting all efforts into one focus and leaving your core competencies behind to explore the new possibilities and technologies in producing toys with plastic materials.”

Image used with permission, ©2021 LEGO® House.

This Brick Moulding Machine pulls inspiration from a display set up in the LEGO® House.

This LEGO® set pulls inspiration from a machine actually set up in the LEGO® House. The machine is like those seen in production facilities around the world. However, the LEGO® House version has a unique mould that produces only six bricks at a time. Conversely, moulding machines at production facilities produce many more bricks in one go. Consequently, factories produce thousands of bricks every second.

The Brick Moulding Machine (40502)
Image used with permission, ©2021 LEGO® House.

You can only purchase the set officially at LEGO® House in Billund, Denmark. In terms of specifics, fans can expect:

  • NAME: The Brick Moulding Machine
  • SET #: 40502
  • THEME: LEGO® House Limited Edition
  • COST: 599 DKK (approximately $123 CAD)
  • BRICK COUNT: 1205
  • RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2021
  • DIMENSIONS: 19 cm (7.4”) high, 15 cm (5.9”) wide, and 29 cm (11.4”) long

Interestingly, True North Bricks attended the virtual unveiling of the Brick Moulding Machine not too long ago. Stay tuned for some exciting content on the topic in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on the Brick Moulding Machine? Comment below or reach out on social media. For more LEGO® news from True North Bricks, click here.

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