September 22, 2023

90th Anniversary Fan Vote – Round 2 Open

You may recall back in January, LEGO® Ideas announced the 90th Anniversary Fan Vote. The first round of voting included 30 classic themes. Fans were able to vote for their favorites. Consequently, the list whittled down to four themes. Yes, you read that correctly, four. The original rules stated the three top themes would make it to the second round of voting. However, during the first round, the LEGO® Group split up all the Castles subthemes into different categories. Divided, not a one made the top three. However, collectively, they dominated the rankings. Subsequently, the LEGO® Group modified the rules a little and included Castles as the fourth theme to enter round two. The top four themes were:

  1. Castles (33,489 votes)
  2. Bionicle (24,799 votes)
  3. Classic Space (18,171 votes)
  4. Pirates (15,884 votes)

Bionicle? Really? I guess I never understood that theme. It came and went during my dark ages, so I have no personal connection to it. However, it is worth mentioning that Bionicle was largely responsible for keeping the LEGO® Group afloat at a time when the company almost when bankrupt. I guess that speaks to the popularity of the theme. In any case, round two of the 90th Anniversary Fan Vote is open until February 10. What are your thoughts on the top four themes? Which will you vote for in round two? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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Click here to vote for round 2.

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