September 24, 2023

LEGO® X Hype: Ninjago Streetwear for all Ages

Ninjago is turning ten years old. Consequently, expect many new and exciting announcements concerning the theme in the weeks to come. Firstly, the LEGO® Group just announced a partnership with British streetwear house Hype. The new clothing line features adult and kids’ wear inspired by Ninjago. Specifically, the garments pull inspiration from the 2020 Prime Empire season. Read on to check out the LEGO® X Hype collection!

The official press release offers the following:

In the 2020 LEGO® NINJAGO® TV series the ninja will for the first time enter a new realm; the Prime Empire. The urban, futuristic, and colourful city was the inspiration behind creating the first urban streetwear collection with LEGO® NINJAGO®.

The collection illustrates exciting memorable moments and characters from the franchise’s hugely successful TV series and the fictional world of LEGO® NINJAGO® building sets, Japanese & Chinese myths and culture.”

These LEGO® X Hype tees are really fun!

The clothing line launches on this Thursday, January 14. Additionally, the apparel becomes available through the next day. However, for Canadian fans, the official LEGO® site is probably your best bet. Hopefully, the Hype line will not go the same route as LEVI’s where only kids’ sizes are available through If so, spending over £60 (approximately $105 CAD) gets you free worldwide shipping.

I love the above zip-up!

Pricing information is not available yet. However, we can do a preliminary comparison with similar products on T-shirts range from $44-$53 USD, Hoodies $62-$88 USD, sweatpants $53-$88 USD, and backpacks $44-$70 USD. Consequently, Canadian prices will likely range from $55-$115. Take that with a grain of salt for now though.

I think this collection looks amazing. Saying I was excited about the LEGO® x LEVI’s line means I am ecstatic about this one. The artwork and layouts are lots of fun. Additionally, the Ninjago script is great. Incidentally, the script reads “Just Hype” using the Ninjago language. I can see myself rocking some of these tees and that dragon zip-up. What are your thoughts on the LEGO® X Hype collection? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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LEGO® X Hype hat

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