September 29, 2023

BYGGLEK for play and storage

Way back in 2018, we received word that the LEGO® Group was undertaking a collaboration with Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. Subsequently, the partnership has remained silent. However, today the LEGO® Group and IKEA released details and the first official images. Additionally, the product line is BYGGLEK, for play and storage.

BYGGLEK for play and storage.
BYGGLEK (©2020 The LEGO Group).

BYGGLEK is “a series of storage boxes with LEGO® studs and a special LEGO brick set [that] aims to encourage play and infuse more fun into storage around the home.” More specifically, the press release describes the products as follows:

The BYGGLEK range consists of 4 different products – one set of 3 small boxes, and two sets of bigger boxes and one set of LEGO bricks to kick-start the playful experience. BYGGLEK can be used with any existing and future LEGO® elements, as the studs used on the lid and front are part of the LEGO® System in Play. The LEGO® System in Play enables children to build and rebuild their own stories and through this process develop essential 21st century skills – with BYGGLEK we hope to extend the LEGO® play experience in providing fun creative storage solutions that are just as playable as they are functional.

BYGGLEK (©2020 The LEGO Group).

There is no word on pricing yet. However, I will be sure to update this article when that becomes available. The product line launches in North America and Europe on October 1, 2020. Interestingly, this was not 100% what I was expecting from this collaboration. Storage boxes, yes. However, I thought there would be something more. Perhaps an awesome LEGO shelf? I will reserve further judgement until I have seen the items. What are your thoughts on BYGGLEK for play and storage? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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EDIT: I uncovered more information about the BYGGLEK product line after publication. You can find Canadian pricing information and more details about the exclusive set by clicking here.

BYGGLEK in action.
BYGGLEK (©2020 The LEGO Group).
BYGGLEK promotional video (©2020 The LEGO Group).

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