September 30, 2023

Street Sweeper (60249) Review

I was looking for a little something to top off a LEGO® request recently and noticed the Street Sweeper (60249). It seemed like just the touch of realism that I often seek to add to my LEGO® city. Additionally, I have been working on my custom shopping promenade a lot lately. Consequently, this set appeared small enough to work as the cleaning service for the pedestrian street. It is a cute little set that also has surprise functionality.

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for review purposes. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. I will use my usual rating system (click here to learn more) and provide my honest opinion.


  • NAME: Street Sweeper
  • SET #: 60249
  • THEME: City
  • COST: $13.99 CAD
  • RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2020
Street Sweeper (60249) side view


  • VALUE: 63% (Expensive for what you get, but still passable overall.)
  • BUILD: 90% (Simple, but realistic, good looking, and works well.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 93% (Nice minifig, lots of accessories, great brick-to-fig ratio.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 80% (Great if you are building up a city, limited fun otherwise.)
Street Sweeper (60249) front view.


VALUE: 63%

The Street Sweeper is certainly an affordable set, even by a kid’s allowance standards. It clocks in at $13.99 in Canada and contains 89 pieces. That equates to a cost-per-brick of $0.157. Comparatively, my average cost-per-brick is currently $0.14. Therefore, Street Sweeper is marginally on the expensive side for what you get. I rate that at 74%.

Street Sweeper rear view.

The build time for Street Sweeper was 10 minutes. At $13.99, each minute of build time costs $1.40. That is expensive. To give you an idea, my current average is $0.831. That earns a score of 51%. Averaging this score with the value-per-brick earns an overall value score of 63%.

BUILD: 90%

The Street Sweeper is small, but well designed and cute. There are no novel build techniques. However, it is easy to get a Minifigure inside and there is an opening hatch for trash on the back side. However, the most fun aspect about it is the functionality. All the brushes rotate as you push the sweeper along a surface. Additionally, I am impressed that the recycling signs on the side are printed bricks. There are no stickers in this kit. It is a simple build, but it is realistic, looks good, and works well. I rate it at 9/10 (90%).


Street Sweeper comes with one Minifigure. He sports an orange jumpsuit with front and back torso printing. However, there is no leg printing or double-sided face. Additionally, the set comes with a few accessories. You get a trash can, a banana, a broom, and a shovel. Overall, I rate the Minifigure design at 14/15 (93%).

Front view of Minifigure.

One Minifigure in a kit containing 89 bricks results in a brick-to-fig ratio of 89:1. Comparatively, my current average is 151:1. Therefore, even though the brick count is small, the ratio is good. This is a cheap way to get a city-worker Minifigure. I rate the ratio score at 92%. Averaging this score with the design score gives an overall Minifigure rating of 93%.

Rear view of Minifigure.


Street Sweeper is a small but useful set. I had a street sweeper from an earlier kit, Service Station (60132). However, I like this one more. It is certainly useful to have multiple street sweepers in a city. But this one is a little more compact and will fit my shopping promenade better than the older version. I also really like the spinning brushes. From an AFOL perspective, if you are building up a realistic city, this is a great set. However, it is suited to a niche and not for all collectors. It does not have universal appeal as a display piece. For that reason, I rate it at 4/5 (80%). I feel the same in terms of a KFOL score. I would never say no to a LEGO® set as a kid. However, this would not have been my first pick.

Is it just me, or do Minifigures really dislike bananas? It seems like the fruit comes standard with City garbage cans…


Street Sweeper is an inexpensive little set, but it is not a particularly good value. You certainly do not get much build time. However, what it does not offer in overall value it makes up for in design as well as the Minifigure and accessories that come with it. I like the look of this set a lot. It will look great in my LEGO® city while simultaneously adding a little realistic touch. While the LEGO® Group sent me this set to review, I certainly would not have regretted the purchase. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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