October 1, 2023

Summer 2020 Sets Delayed

August 1, 2020 came and went in Canada without the appearance of new LEGO® sets. For fans, getting the summer 2020 LEGO® sets delayed was an unpleasant surprise this past weekend. In fact, this wave of kits has been a point of contention for many Canadian AFOLs for months now. These sets received a European release of June 1. The release date for all of North America was simultaneously announced as August 1. This has been the biggest delay Canadians have seen in recent years for such a large number of sets.

City sets impacted by the delay:

Granted, every year there are some sets that get a European release in June and a North American release in August. For example, in 2017 with the City Jungle Exploration sub-theme. The sets were released on May 29 in both Europe and North America with the exception of two. The Jungle Air Drop Helicopter and the Jungle Buggy hit North American stores on August 1. However, last year the City Mars exploration sets all received a common release date in North America of June 24, 2019. As another example, all Harry Potter sets came out simultaneously on July 1 last year.

Creator 3-in-1 sets impacted by the delay:

DC Comics sets impacted by the delay:

This year, there is no clear timeline on when the new sets will reach Canada. Hearing from all of you on Saturday, as well as facing my own disappointment, I set out to find some answers. After reaching out through the LEGO® Ambassador Network, I received the following response:

The typical [releases of] sets have been impacted by the closing of the Mexico factory [due to COVID-19]. Some of the August 1st sets have been delayed due to production limitations. This was shown on LEGO.com by having “Coming Soon” on some products and “Available August 1st” for other sets. The “Coming Soon” sets have not been canceled, just delayed and our other factories are working hard to assist all markets.

UPDATE: Shortly after publication I received the following update from the LEGO® Group.

Due to the LEGO® Mexico factory closures, we (in NA) moved out a list of products from Aug. 1 to Sep. 1.  With that said, we have been informed we can sell the products upon receipt so we may launch them prior to Sept. 1st.  This is why these items are listed as “coming soon” without a date. So they will launch anytime between now and Sept. 1st.

Friends sets impacted by the delay:

At this time, there is no word on how long the delay is. Themes impacted by this delay current include:

  • City
  • Creator 3-in-1
  • DC Comics Superheroes
  • Disney Princesses – Belle’s Castle Winter Celebration
  • Friends
  • Harry Potter
  • Hidden Side
  • Ninjago
  • Technic – Ducati Panigale

Harry Potter sets impacted by the delay:

Unfortunately, we have seen the summer 2020 LEGO® sets delayed until September 1 (latest). I wish had better news for you all. Feel free to let your feelings flow in the comments below or reach out on social media (keeping it rated G of course.) Until next time,


Hidden Side sets impacted by the delay:

Ninjago sets impacts by the delay:

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