September 29, 2023

Explore The World with LEGO® and National Geographic

Summer 2020 brings a new wave of LEGO® sets to fans from across many themes. However, the City and Friends themes are of particular interest today. Early images revealed the Nation Geographic logo stamped on boxes. Now we learn that the LEGO® Group is partnering up with the National Geographic Society. The goal is to explore the world creatively. The official press released offers the following:

A campaign has been developed in collaboration with National Geographic to encourage children to explore the world and maybe even develop their own creative ideas on solving the real-life challenges our world is facing. The campaign site is now live in English on and will launch July 1st in additional languages. The LEGO Group is also announcing a contribution towards the National Geographic Society to fund grants in ocean exploration and species conservation.

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Interestingly, scenes depicted in the new sets are based on real scenarios. The goal is to inspire children to come up with creative solutions to the world’s conservation problems through play. Additionally, the aforementioned web site will feature educational content to support this initiative. The site will also feature six stories from actual National Geographic explorers. Two example videos are embedded in this article. 

New sets arrive in Canada on August 1, 2020.

This is not the first time the LEGO® Group and National Geographic have partnered. The City Jungle Exploration line from 2017 and Friends Sea Life Rescue sets from 2019 also featured tie-ins. I always enjoy the more science-oriented sets. Consequently, I am eager to get my hands on these new City sets. However, there is some bad news here too. Many other parts of the world gained access to these sets on June 1. Sadly, Canada (and the United States) will have to wait until August 1. That comes as a blow to many collectors, I am sure. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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