December 3, 2023

February 2020 Store Calendar

The LEGO® Group recently released the February 2020 store calendar for North America, and it is full of freebies! To view the full calendar at the official LEGO® website, you can use the link below. Otherwise, keep reading for a rundown.

Click here to visit to view the calendar.
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February 2020 Store Calendar.
February 2020 Store Calendar

Here is a breakdown of all the happenings coming in February:

  • January 24 – February 9: Spending $45 or more gets you a free Hidden Side Drag Racer set valued at $16.99 CAD.
  • February 1 – 9: When VIPs buy the new LEGO® Ideas International Space Station set, they also get a free ISS patch. (Click here to read my ISS review.)
  • February 5: LEGO® Masters USA debuts on Fox.
  • February 7 – 14: Spending $35 or more gets you a free chocolate box and flower set.
  • February 11: There is an adults only event in which you build and keep a Valentines bear. Registration begins February 4, and these events fill up quickly in my experience.
  • February 17: kids aged 6-14 can go to the LEGO® Store for a Minifigure Swap.
  • February 20: kids aged 6-14 can go to the LEGO® Store and take part in a “Build, Unbuild, Rebuild” event. Participants take home a small gift.
  • All month long you can also talk to a brick specialist about testing the new LEGO® City lights, sound, magnetics, and ripcord features.

There’s also some great stuff not on the calendar…

Additionally, not seen on the calendar, double VIP points sets for the month will be the Hidden Side Haunted Fairground (70432) and the Friends Baking Competition (41393). The first VIP sweepstakes for a coveted San Diego Comic Con Shazam Minifigure will take place from February 10 until March 2 in the VIP rewards center (not open to Quebec sadly).

Interestingly, there is some overlap with the freebies this coming month. If you plan your International Space Station purchase just right (between February 7 and 9), you get the ISS patch, Hidden Side Drag Racer, and Chocolate Box gifts. This is, of course, only if supplies last. What do you think of the February 2020 LEGO® Store calendar? Be sure leave a comment below or shout out on social media. 

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