September 22, 2023

Minifigure Monday – That Unfamiliar Street

That Unfamiliar Street

An original life inspired poem from True North Bricks, brought to life with LEGO® bricks.

“Adventure” is my middle name.

Today, I’m gonna change my game,
“Adventure” is my middle name.
I’m going to try something new,
And I’m gonna like it too!
I’ll leave the comforts of my home,
Wide and freely I will roam.
Oh, the people that I’ll meet,
On that unfamiliar street.

Time to face the word outside…

Shoes done up, laces tied,
Time to face the world outside.
There’s a neighbor on a walk,
Oh my God, I’ll have to talk!
Maybe I’ll just stay inside,
I like it here, I must confide.
Yup, at home I think I’ll stay,
Who needs adventure anyway.

Who needs adventure anyway.