May 30, 2023

LEGO-fied: Harry Potter

For this month’s LEGO-fied poster, I have decided to go with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Being a fan of the Harry Potter books, I thought it would be fun to take on a Wizarding World project. With the Harry Potter Minifigure series out last fall, the time was right to give it a go. I decided upon the Order of the Phoenix poster because it allowed me to make use of a fun little photography tool that I bought a couple of months ago… a lens ball. Harry, Ron, and Hermione hailed from the aforementioned Minifigure series. But, the Voldemort that I used was actually from LEGO® Dimensions. I have the Minifigure series Voldemort, but I wanted the sneering face for this poster.

Lord Voldemort through a lens ball.

The original movie poster for the Order of the Phoenix features Lord Voldemort as seen through a glass prophecy orb. Using my lens ball for this purpose was a perfect fit. A lens ball, for those of you who don’t know, is a sphere made of either glass or crystal. When taking a photo through it, you can bring an image into focus while having everything around the ball blurred out. It really produces a neat effect. The image seen through the ball is upside down, but a little time spent in Photoshop can  alter that. For other examples of how I have used my lens ball, you can check out these Minifigure Monday posts: “Towards a Better You” and “Dream There Was a Window Here“.

Otherwise, the rest of the poster was just a lot of Photoshop work. I created the cloud effects in the background using a variety of layers, colors, and different brushes. Each layer was blurred to make them look “cloudy”. I downloaded a Harry Potter font, then played around with filters and lighting effects until I thought it looked cool. I took a little creative license with this piece overall, but I think I stayed true to original in the process.

My LEGO-fied “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” poster.

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Want to try lens ball photography?

I bought the cheapest lens ball I found on Amazon, so mine in glass, not crystal. For the purposes of Minifigure photography, I find it works perfectly fine. I have taken some scenery shots with it as well, and I am quite pleased. Amazon has an assortment of lens balls to choose from, and they can come in different sizes depending on your needs. If you are interested, using the link below to buy a lens ball will earn me a small commission that helps keep the content at True North Bricks free.


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