December 7, 2023

MOC: Police Station – Level 4

Welcome back to the tour of my custom LEGO® police station. If you happen to be joining me for the first time this week, you can use the following links to navigate to other articles in this series:

Level 4 of my custom LEGO® police station features office space.

The fourth floor of my police station is the office space for my detectives. This is the floor where much of the work gets done, so it also includes some amenities, like a bathroom. The bathroom is in a corner of the building, next to the elevator shaft. There is a floor to ceiling window here, which could make going to the bathroom a little awkward… but I figured that there is no neighboring building that can look in, so what the heck. My plan is to currently have this side of the building facing the sea in my current city layout, so officers will have a nice view while on the can 😉

There is a corner bathroom on the office level, which is next to the fire escape in the alley.

In terms of other amenities, there is also a coffee machine and fish tank to entertain officers on break. The coffee station is on the opposite side of the elevator shaft from the bathroom, so you will get an equally nice view while on break as you would in the bathroom.  The fish tank is actually from the Mountain Police Headquarters set, which was re-purposed as part of this MOC (click here to read the set review).

The coffee break station in my custom police station.

The remainder of the floor is office space. There are three desks with computers for detectives to work at, and an evidence board. Being a Batman fan, I have incorporated characters from the LEGO® Batman Movie into this build. Barbara Gordon can be found on this floor, as can chief O’Hara. As part of my on-going story in this set, the Joker’s wanted poster is on one of the desks. Joker himself was in lock-up on level 2. The officers are probably feeling pretty good, having apprehended the Clown Prince of Crime, oblivious to the fact that he is planning to escape through his cell’s toilet… read my description of level 2 (click here) if you have no idea what I am talking about.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of level four. Next time, I will be sharing my favorite floor in this project, the CSI lab. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments field below. If you are enjoying this series on my latest MOC, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu to your right), on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter for regular updates.

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