September 22, 2023

Review & Mod – Clayface Splat Attack [70904]

This was the best LEGO® deal I have ever seen. I was notified of the sale by a fellow fan through Twitter. As I write this, Walmart is liquidating the Clayface Splat Attack set from The LEGO® Batman Movie for $10. Yes, you read correctly, a set formerly priced at $44.99 is now $10. That is about 80% off. My local store still had several of them yesterday when I went to check. I had originally planned to review a different set this week, but this deal is too good. I thought I would share my thoughts in case anyone else wanted to pick one of these sets up before they are gone. I am also going to be doing something a little different in this review. Since I am still on my summer holiday from work, and have time on my hands, I decided to modify this set to suit my taste. So, I will be sharing that with you today as well.

Clayface Splat Attack box art.


NAME: Clayface Splat Attack
SET #: 70904
THEME: The LEGO® Batman Movie
COST: $44.99 CAD
RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2017

Clayface Splat Attack box contents.


VALUE: 90% (At full price, you are looking at a great $0.10/brick.)
BUILD: 90% (Super nice design, I wish there was another hand option though.)
MINIFIGURES: 75% (Good Minifigs, satisfactory brick:fig.)
ENTERTAINMENT: 65% (Bad build-time at full price, but loads of fun.)

LEGO® Clayface


VALUE: 90%
At full price, Clayface Splat Attack costs $44.99 in Canada. With 448 pieces, you are looking at $0.10 per brick. All things considered, that is really not bad at all, and I would rate that at 4.5/5 (90%). However, as I am writing this, Walmart is liquidating this set for $10.00. If you are lucky enough to get Clayface Splat Attack for that price, each brick will cost an unheard of $0.02.

Who can say no that face? (or a discount of 80%)

BUILD: 90%
The main build of this set is, of course, Clayface. You get a small, side build as well, which is just a pile of “mud” to trap Minifigures. Clayface is quite an impressive build. I can only imagine how much time it took to design this character. The LEGO® Group has really managed to make him look as much like mud as you can using bricks. He also features seven points of articulation, and each one is able to rotate and swivel. He comes with three different hands, so you can interchange them. Two of them are stud-shooting canons, and the thirds is a hammer. One of the things that I really appreciated about this build was that the designers did not skimp on the back design. Clayface looks just as good from the back as he does from the front.

Rear view of Clayface.

As I was building Clayface, there were points where I found the structure of the build a little shaky. I found it came apart kind of easily as you were trying to piece new parts onto it. However, it redeemed itself in the end, and is overall pretty stable. My other issue with Clayface is the choice of hands. Why give two of the same canon design? I think this set would have been considerably better with a regular hand option, the canon, and the hammer. But, more on that later! My only real issue with Clayface Splat Attack is the aforementioned hand issue, so I will give it 9/10 (90%) for build.

Me Clobber Batman!!!

There are only two Minifigs in this kit, Batman and Mayor McCaskill. Batman is nothing new. That is a point of contention that I have with the whole LEGO® Batman Movie theme. Almost every set comes with pretty much the same Batman figurine. I have given him 12/15 (80%) in past reviews, so I will give him 80% again now.

Mayor McCaskill is an exclusive. She was not available with any other set in the theme. I found this character to be fun, and it really represents what I imagine a politician to look like. She also has a new hairstyle not currently seen in any other LEGO® sets. She has a double sided face as well, one side smiling, the other terrified. Based on my rating system, I give her 12/15 (80%) as well.

With 448 bricks and two Minifigures, you are looking at a brick-to-Minifig ratio of 224 bricks per Minifigure. That is not great, but not terrible either. I give Clayface Splat Attack 3.5/5 (70%) for its ratio score. Averaging that with the Minifig design score gives this set an overall Minifigure rating of 75%.

Mayor McCaskill’s alternate face.

Clay Face Splat Attack took me 50 minutes to build. At full price, that would mean that each minute of build time costs $0.90. That is not very good, earning a score of 2/5 (40%). However, if you manage to get this set during Walmart’s liquidation, you are looking at $0.20 per minute, which is phenomenal, and would earn 100%.

Clayface closeup.

As for my personal enjoyment of Clayface Splat Attack, as I mentioned before, I wish it came with more hand options. As a Batman fan though, I love it. I will probably keep it built, but with some modifications. I think it has some great play value for kids too. I would have eaten this up in my youth (I am eating it up now). For those reasons, I will give it 4.5/5 (90%) for enjoyment. Averaging this with the build-time score at full price earns Clayface Splat Attack 65% for entertainment. At the liquidation price of $10, this set earns 95%.

My redesigned Clayface hand, built using mostly just the pieces included in the original kit.


Clayface is an awesome build. There is a lot of nice detail that when into this set. I really enjoy this build, it looks great. At full price, you are getting a good set that is just worth the purchase in my opinion. It suffers a little from a low-ish brick-to-fig ratio, and a really expensive build time. But, once again, as I am writing this, Clayface Splat Attack is $10 at Walmart in Canada. At that price, I would give this set 90% overall.

Another view of my redesigned Clayface hand.

My only real issue with Clayface was the fact that he came with two mud-cannon hands. I would have really liked to get a regular hand in order to have more options to interchange. I often talk about the things I would like to change in a set, but I don’t tend to have the time when working to actually carry them out. However, I am currently on my summer break. So, I decided that I would actually make the modifications that I want to this set. I kept one cannon arm and the hammer arm. I disassembled the other cannon, and the mud patch meant to capture the Mayor. I used pretty much only those pieces, and I built a hand with individually movable fingers. I ended up using eight less pieces than the original model, but also had to add three from my own collection that were not included in the kit. So, overall, I used five less pieces than the original model included.

“Hey, look over there!”

Did you manage to get this steal of a deal at Walmart? Or perhaps you made your own redesigns to Clayface? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments area below. Until next time!


With my redesign, Clayface can now crush Batman in his fist.

2 thoughts on “Review & Mod – Clayface Splat Attack [70904]

  1. This was my favorite set from the movie, close win over the Jokers car. Honorable mention to the Riddler’s and the Penquin’s cars, I can’t believe how much of the original animated Clayface is in this set. I never would have thought you would have been able to do him justice in Lego. I am going to build your hand, great idea!! I did the same for that Batman mech in the set with Gorilla Grod. What additional pieces did you add? Thanks PAUL

    1. I loved the Penguin’s car too. I didn’t get Joker’s Notorious Lowrider or the Riddle Racer for budget reasons, opting instead for the Scuttler and Bane’s Toxic Truck for Minifigure reasons. In terms of additional pieces for the Clayface hand, I needed one extra 1×2 plate with handle (part 6167699 in the Clayface instruction manual), one extra round 4×4 plate (part 6167647), and one 1×1 modified plate with clip (6019 on Bricklink). The only part not included in the Clayface kit is 6019. If you disassemble two existing hands, you can build the hand with just that one extra part. But, I wanted three interchangeable hands. Great to hear from you!

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