December 7, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Memories Are Here To Stay

The Memories Are Here To Stay
(An original poem from True North Bricks, featuring Minifigures)

The time has finally come, I fear,
To return back home, my dear.
Farewell to long walks on the beach,
The crashing waves within our reach.
Farewell to days lost in the Sun,
Living free and having fun.
It is back to the status quo,
But, all has not been lost, you know.
If life brings with it some woes,
Remember black sand in your toes.
When you’re working through it all,
Remember our waterfall.
Should the path become foggy,
Recall that sunrise drinking coffee.
All of that is just to say,
The memories are here to stay

To my lovely wife for a wonderful vacation. This photo was taken on Playa Negra in Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica. The Minifigures are standing on sand covered driftwood found during our last stroll on the beach.