September 29, 2023

Review – Battle of Atlantis [76085]

When Justice League came out, and all the LEGO® sets were announced, I have to admit that I was a bit under-whelmed. None of them particularly spoke to me, except for Battle of Atlantis. I was not huge on the set itself, but I did want the Jason Momoa Aquaman Minifigure. I was really excited about the photo-ops the figure would provide. I was thrilled that the character also happened to come in the cheapest set in the series. So often, the coolest Minifigs come in the top priced sets. However, I still did not jump on buying this set, and am I ever glad that I waited. I ended up picking up Battle of Atlantis for 40% off at Walmart. So, I got my awesome Aquaman Minifigure, but how is the rest of the set?

Battle of Atlantis box art.


NAME: Battle of Atlantis
SET #: 
DC Super Heroes
$24.99 CAD
August 1, 2017

Battle of Atlantis box contents.


VALUE: 80% (Pretty good value at $0.13 per brick.)
BUILD: 60% (Nothing I love about it, nothing I hate, it passes.)
MINIFIGURES: 94% (Nicely designed Minifigs, great brick:fig.)
ENTERTAINMENT: 50% (Somewhat expensive build-time, not a great set.)

Guarding the Atlantean Motherbox.


VALUE: 80%
At full price, Battle of Atlantis costs $24.99 in Canada. With 197 pieces, each brick in this kit is going to cost $0.13, which is not bad. The average cost per brick in the last LEGO® catalog was $0.12 (January 2018 – click here to read more). At $24.99, I would give this set 4/5 (80%). If you were lucky enough to get this set at 40% off, like I did, then the cost of each brick drops to $0.08. That is really hard to beat, and earns a full 100%.

The columns in Atlantis crumble at the slightest sign of battle…

BUILD: 60%
There is not much to this set. You get a couple of columns, and an archway. There is also a pedestal to support the Atlantean Mother Box. The archway has a play feature that allows the “crystal” structure at the top to be easily knocked over. I am not thrilled by it. I find it falls off too easily, but I suppose that is what it is meant to do. There’s nothing I love about this set, but nothing I really hate either. It gets a passable 6/10 (60%).

There is not much to the main build of Battle of Atlantis.

Battle of Atlantis comes with four Minifigures: a parademon, two Atlantean guards, and Aquaman. These are really nicely designed Minifigs. The guards come with helmets, and Aquaman had some highlighted locks. All three also have double-sided faces, while the parademon has rear printing on its head. All figures had front and back printed torsos, and front printed legs. The parademon also comes with wings. For accessories, you get a trident, two harpoon guns, and a stud shooting gun. I give these Minifigures a design score of 52/60 (87%).


With 197 bricks, Battle for Atlantis gives you a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 49:1. That is excellent, earning a ratio score of 5/5 (100%). Averaging the ratio score with the design score earns this set an overall Minifigure score of 94%.


Battle of Atlantis took me 33 minutes to build. At the full price of $24.99, this means that each minute of build time would cost $0.76. That would earn a passable 3/5 (60%). Again, I got this set at 40% off, and it only cost me $14.99. That brings the cost down to $0.45 per minute, earning it 5/5 (100%).

Battle for Atlantis has a rather lack luster play feature in which the crystal above the arch tips over, dropping the Motherbox.

Will I keep this set built? No, I bought Battle of Atlantis for the Aquaman Minifigure. I do like the bricks included in this set though. They definitely have some re-use value. Since the set isn’t really anything to write home about though, I will only give this set 2/5 (40%) for enjoyment. Averaging this with the full-priced build-time score would give Battle of Atlantis 50%. At 40% off, I would give it 70%.

The King of Atlantis.


At full price, I guess Battle of Atlantis is a satisfactory set. It’s a bit pricey if you are in it just for the Aquaman Minifigure (like me). As I am writing this, the set is 40% off at Walmart. At that price, I rate this set at 81%. The actual build is fairly unimpressive, but you get some nice bricks to re-purpose. Even at full price, those bricks are not a bad value. At 40% off, they are on par with the bulk bricks you get in Classic brick boxes, or the large Creator sets.

How do you feel about Battle of Atlantis? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aquaman also comes with launching water blasts.

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    1. Checking a few stores might land you the deal. I only saw it advertised online for one week, but one of the three Walmarts near me has been offering 40% off for weeks on this set. Sand green is nice, and hard to come by!

      1. Indeed it is! There’s a Minecraft set that has a whole lot of sand green in it, and a month or two ago I found it at Walmart for 50% off.

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