“Z” is for Zorro


That’s it! The last day of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge has arrived, and I made it through! For my final post of the 2018 challenge, I have opted for “Z” is for Zorro. My last LEGO-fied poster is based on The Mask of Zorro movie poster from 1998. The film starred Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was an entertaining movie that I remember enjoying back in high school. There was a sequel in 2005, but it wasn’t as good.


LEGO Zorro – trial 1

I picked Zorro for this post not only because of the movie, but also because of a show I used to watch when I was little. Zorro was a show that ran from 1990-1993 on YTV in Canada. I was still in elementary school when the show aired, and I don’t remember much about it, except that I loved it. Many years later, I picked up a book written by Isabel Allende out of nostalgia. It was in the discount section of Chapters, and turned out to be a very entertaining origin story for the character. So, in terms of heroes, I would say I am a Zorro fan.


LEGO Zorro – Trail 2

For this final LEGO-fied post, I had to make a custom Zorro Minifigure. I used Darth Maul’s body for the black costume. He’s also wearing the black cape from my Darth Revan Minifigure. The face is that of one of the common criminals you can get in just about any police set. His sword is the fencer’s from Minifigure series 13. I had a bit of trouble with the hat. You can see in the first picture above that I originally had a fedora going, but it just didn’t look “Zorro” enough. I wanted the brim to be flatter, so I ended up using a black witch’s hat, and just Photoshopping the pointed top out.


The Mask of Zorro poster LEGO-fied

Well, that is it. I can’t believe it is over. Here’s one last link to the official site for the A-to-Z Challenge, in case you want more information. As always, I welcome any of your thoughts, or stories, or parting words in the comments space below. I have really had a great time with this year’s challenge, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Be sure to keep checking back for my regular LEGO content. Who knows, maybe some more LEGO-fied images will make their way into a future Minifigure Monday post (Minifigure Monday was put on hiatus for April, but returns next week).

Until next time,



9 thoughts on ““Z” is for Zorro

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the Minifigures, I certainly enjoyed making them. Congratulations to you too on completing the challenge. Feel free to stop by any time, I may keep my “LEGO-fied” theme going sporadically through the year. If not, see you next A-to-Z 😉


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  2. I enjoyed all your posters so much during this challenge! But I also liked hearing about the process of making them look just right.

    Thanks for using your talents in such a fun way for the 2018 A toZ! I’m so glad I found your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you found your way here too! While it’s a bit too much work to post one everyday, I might start occasionally making a LEGO-fied post here and there… especially since wonderful people (like you) seem to like them!

      Liked by 1 person

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