October 1, 2023

“U” is for Underworld


I love a good vampire movie. So, today, my LEGO-fied A-to-Z Challenge post is all about Underworld. I am a huge fan of this movie, but only the first one. I like the prequel too, but after the first film, I have found the sequels to be a little lacking in many areas. The story introduced in the first film of an underground war between werewolves and vampires was a great idea. Kate Beckinsale played a mean vampire, and I loved the portrayal of vampire society in the film.

LEGO werewolf from Minifigures series 14.

For this poster, I took a photo of the LEGO werewolf from Minifigure Series 14, and used it to create the silhouette in the moon. I made the Kate Beckinsale Minifigure using the female vampire face from Spider Lady Minifig, also from series 14. The body and hair are from the Jewel Thief in series 15. Her coat is just a piece of cloth with some holes cut in for her arms. The ledge she stands on was built using random pieces in my collection.

The “Kate Beckinsale” Minifigure I made for this LEGO-fied Underworld poster.

Do you have a favorite vampire movie? Or some thoughts to share about Underworld? Feel free to leave a comment below. This post was made as part of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, you can click here to visit the official site to learn more about it.

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LEGO-fied Underworld poster.

6 thoughts on ““U” is for Underworld

  1. Nice one! Well, as you know, I’m a huge vampire fan… I love Dracula (of course) and Interview with a Vampire, but I’m also a big fan of vampire shows like Being Human and The Vampire Diaries.

    1. I loved Being Human! I watched the American version of the show though, not the original. The house from the American version is actually in my city, and some scenes were filmed where I work.

      1. That is so cool!!! I tried to watch a few of the American ones, but after I had watched the British ones, it was really difficult to get into the American version.

      2. I wonder if I would have the same issue in trying the British version… You get to know and like characters in a certain way, it might be hard to seem them portrayed differently, I would imagine. I actually started designing the house from the American Being Human out of LEGO. have not built it yet, but I have a digital plan for the first floor, and LEGO characters to put in it.

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