May 29, 2023

“N” is for Ninjago


A few of you might remember that during last year’s A-to-Z Challenge, I also did “N is for Ninjago”… A little unoriginal? Perhaps. But, last year, the Ninjago Movie had not hit theaters yet. Now it has, and has even come out on Blu-ray. I know a lot of fans had mixed feelings about the Ninjago Movie. It also did not perform as well in theaters as other LEGO movies have. One complaint that I heard frequently was that the movie did not remain true to the established stories in the show. Having never watched the show, I quite enjoyed the movie. LEGO also developed some amazing sets to go along with the film.

In addition, there was a nice book that came out with the movie, and I review it last year (click here to read it). The Ninjago Movie – The Making of the Movie had a lot of really great artwork detailing the development of the film. I particularly liked the cover of the book. Rather than recreate the movie poster for the Ninjago Movie, I decided to recreate the cover of the book. I don’t know if it really counts as being “LEGO-fied”, since it was LEGO to begin with… but, it was concept art for a digital movie, and I made it with actual Minifigures. I went through a few trials and iterations of this LEGO-fied post, and I am still not sure that I got this one right. But, I have run out of time to continue trying!

In terms of the Minifigures, Wu is from the Ninjago Minifigure series. Lloyd and Jay are from the Ninjago City set (click here for my review). Kai and Zane are from the Spinjitzu Training set (which I will review later this week). While Nya and Cole are on the cover of the book, they are so small that I decided not to include them. I did initially try to make this poster with all of the Minifigures in one shot, but I didn’t like the out-of-focus look of the characters in the background (even though they are out of focus on the book cover). I went with individual photos of each character taken standing in cat grass. The background was made using two little containers of bamboo that I bought at Walmart. The same photo was superimposed on itself a few times to create some depth and thickness to the jungle. I went with real plants, as opposed to LEGO, because that was what the creators of the movie chose to do with the film.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts about Ninjago or anything in this post in the comments below. This LEGO-fied post was made as part of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. You can click here to visit the official site for more information.

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My recreation of the cover for “The Ninjago Movie – Making of the Movie” book.

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