December 4, 2023

“H” is for Holy Alphabet, Batman!


Holy Alphabet, Batman! It’s the eighth day of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge! Being a big Batman fan, I couldn’t resist throwing that one in. I thought it was appropriate for the challenge. And, yes, Robin did actually use the “Holy Alphabet” line in the 1960s Batman show (I believe it was episode 15 – Joker Goes to School from March 2, 1966). I used to watch re-runs of that show on YTV after school. It is cringe-worthy in its campiness, but a classic none the less, and a defining moment in Batman’s history.

Speaking of camp, today’s LEGO-fied post is all about another such moment in Batman’s filmograpy… 1997’s Batman & Robin. I was halfway through high school when that movie hit theatres. Having the sophisticated movie taste of a teenage boy, I actually liked the film when I first saw it. As such, it is one of those movies that I will always like because of nostalgia. It really is an awful story, but it is reminiscent of the tone of the 1960s Batman, and was meant to be a more family friendly film. One thing I really remember about the original theatrical release is that I loved the poster. I thought it was really cool.

For today’s LEGO-fied post, I have recreated the Batman & Robin poster that I loved so much as a kid, but for The LEGO Batman Movie. When I set out to make this post, my goal had been to actually recreate the original poster. But, most of the characters in it were LEGO Batman movie Minifigures, so the direction ended up changing part way through the process. The LEGO Batman Movie shares an element of campiness with the 1960s Batman, and Batman & Robin. It even blatantly makes fun of the show and film. I figured it was appropriate. I changed the actors’ names from Batman & Robin to the voice actors’ names from The LEGO Batman Movie. The credits on the poster are also for the LEGO version.

The LEGO Batman that I used in my LEGO-fied poster.

In terms of the Minifigures used, Robin and Batgirl are from the Catwoman Cycle Chase set (click here for my review), which was the first LEGO Batman Movie set that I got. Batman is from one of the movie sets, I don’t remember which one (he is pretty much the same in all of them anyway). Mr. Freeze is from the Mr. Freeze Ice Attack set (click here for my review). He is the Minifigure that really originally inspired this project. I took a photo of him last spring that reminded me of the Batman & Robin poster, and that started all the brainstorming for this project. Poison Ivy is from the Scuttler set (click here for my review). After taking the aforementioned photo of Mr. Freeze, I really wanted this version of Poison Ivy to finish off this poster. It really is the nicest Poison Ivy that LEGO has produced so far. I finally got it when Chapters started liquidating their Scuttler sets at 40% off.

My LEGO-fied LEGO Batman Movie version of the Batman & Robin movie poster.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts/memories surrounding the 1960s Batman, Batman & Robin, or even the LEGO Batman Movie in the comments below. This post was made as part of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, you can click here to visit the official site for more information.

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