June 8, 2023

Review – Duel on Naboo [75169]

While this is not my first LEGO Star Wars set, I think it actually is my first LEGO Star Wars set review. The last time that I bought a Star Wars set was actually before I started blogging (not counting advent calendars of course). I decided to pick this one up because Darth Maul has long been my favorite Star Wars character. Say what you will about the prequels, Darth Maul was awesome in the movie, and I was thrilled to have him back in the Clone Wars and Rebels. This set seemed like an inexpensive way to finally get my hands on a version of the Minifigure that was not dressed like Santa Claus (from the 2012 advent calendar). Darth Maul was also the only character on my list of requisite Minifigures from last April that I had not gotten yet (click here to read my list). So, now that my 2017 list of must-have Minifigs has been completed, how does the rest of the set fare?

LEGO Duel on Naboo box art.

Set Summary

NAME: Duel on Naboo
SET #: 75169
THEME: Star Wars
COST: $29.99 CAD
RELEASE DATE: February 17, 2017

LEGO Duel on Naboo box contents.

Summary Review: 68%

VALUE: 80% (At $0.14 per brick, it has a close to average value.)
BUILD: 60% (Apart from one clever mechanism, this is not too impressive.)
MINIFIGURES: 92% (These are the reason to buy this set.)
ENTERTAINMENT: 40% (Really expensive build time, uninteresting set.)

LEGO Duel on Naboo


VALUE: 80%
Duel on Naboo costs $29.99 in Canada, and comes with 208 bricks. That means that each piece will cost you $0.14. That is not a great value, but it is not a bad on either. It is close to the current average that I have calculated using the LEGO catalogs. I give Duel on Naboo 4/5 (80%) for value.

LEGO Duel on Naboo

BUILD: 60%
This set is not all that impressive in terms of build. There isn’t anything that I hate about it, but there isn’t a whole lot to love either. There are a few play features that kids might enjoy, like the Minifigure launcher at the bottom of the central shaft. It doesn’t work phenomenally well, but it does work if you hit it just right. The laser barriers have an open and close function too, and I did think that this feature was built in a clever way. Pulling on a rod causes the laser barriers to swing open. It’s one of those build techniques that made me pause and appreciate the ingenuity. Definitely one to keep in my back pocket for the future. I won’t deduct points from Duel on Naboo, but I will also only add one for the aforementioned clever mechanism. This set earns 6/10 (60%) for build.

LEGO Duel on Naboo sealed laser barrier.

This set was purely a Minifigure purchase for me. I wanted Darth Maul most of all, but Qui-Gonn Jinn was an added bonus. And, of course, you also get a young Obi-Wan. Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan each come with a hairpiece and a double sided face. Darth Maul does not have a double sided face for obvious reasons, but does come with a Dathomirian set of horns to place on his head. My set actually came with two of those, so my Christmas Darth Maul now also has a set. Each Minifigure has a front and back printed torso, and front print on their legs. Additionally, they all have light sabers, with Maul’s being the bo-like one from the Phantom Menace. I give these guys 38/45 (84%) for design.


Duel on Naboo has a brick count of 208. With three characters, that means a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 69:1. That is pretty good in my humble opinion, and earns this set a score of 5/5 (100%). Averaging this ratio score with the design score gives an overall Minifigure rating of 92%.


Duel on Naboo costs $29.99 in Canada, and it took me 35 minutes to build. That means that each minute cost me $0.86. That is really expensive, and earns 2/5 (40%). I would also not keep this set built. There just isn’t enough to it. Some hardcore fans might be able to incorporate it into a bigger recreation of the scene from the Phantom Menace. Some kids might get a few hours of play out of it. But, for me, everything will be re-purposed. I give it 2/5 (40%) for enjoyment as well.

LEGO Duel on Naboo with laser barriers open.

Overall: 68%

Duel on Naboo has a decent value per brick, but suffers from an expensive build time and largely uninteresting build. The saving grace of the set is the really nice Minifigures, and excellent brick-to-fig ratio. I bought this set exclusively for the Minifigures. I don’t collect LEGO Star Wars for budget reasons, but I still like to have my favorite characters as Minifigs. This was a cheap way to get the Darth Maul that I was waiting for, and I got Qui-Gonn as well.

For those of you who are following me in the A-to-Z blogging challenge this month, let this post serve as little taste of things to come in my post tomorrow! As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time.


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