September 30, 2023

Review – Easter Bunny

As I was making the coloring page for this long Easter weekend, it occurred to me that I had not yet posted anything about this month’s LEGO Store freebie. As many of you know, spending $35 or more this past month got you a free Easter Bunny Minifigure. It was also double VIP points, so I got my Easter Bunny with the purchase of the Creator Downtown Diner (which I am still in the process of building whenever time permits… hopefully this long weekend will afford me some time to finish it).

The Easter Bunny is a really nice Minifig. While he does not have a double-sided face, he does come with a white bunny hood (which has come on other Minifigures before). This Minifigure has plain white legs, but comes with both front and back printing on his torso. As accessories, you get a painted Easter egg, and a paint brush. If this Minifigure had come as part of a set, I would give it 12/15 (80%) for design using my rating scale.

The promotion at the LEGO Store for this Minifigure is almost over, but you still have today and tomorrow (March 30-31, 2018) to get one. You can spend $35 or more online or in store to get it. Some stores could be out of stock by now, but if you want it for this weekend, then that is still probably your best bet. It is a fun, seasonal character to add to your collection.

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