December 4, 2023

Batman Movie Score!

I went out yesterday to do my usual weekly groceries, but also to stop by Toys R Us. You might recall that I took advantage of a special at Toys R Us last month (click here to read about it). I got a $10 rebate card, and I went to redeem it. Since last month was a pricey LEGO month, I decided to keep it on the cheap this March. So, I got the Spinjitzu Training set (70606), and the Road Worker (30357). With the rebate, the Spinjitzu set cost me $3.00, which is pretty sweet. I will review both of those sets later though.

My little LEGO haul for March.

When I hit Walmart for my groceries, I did my usual browsing of the movie section, and I found a new version of the LEGO Batman Movie that comes with an “exclusive” Batgirl Minifigure. I did a piece last June on all the different options available for buying the movie (click here to check it out). At the time, Target in the US and Amazon in Canada were offering this very same set. Amazon still has it for an exorbitant $40. I picked mine up at Walmart for $15. You get the Blu-ray, DVD, digital download, Batgirl Minifigure, and three Batman postcards. I am really glad I ended up waiting to pick up this movie, because it is half the price from what it would have cost me in June, and about 66% off of the current price. I got mine in store, but also offers it for the same price.

Postcards that come in the special edition of the LEGO Batman Movie.

In terms of the freebies included, the postcards are nothing special. They are printed on relatively cheap paper compared to standard postcard fare, but for something free, you can’t really complain too much. The Batgirl Minifigure is a nice touch though. As far as being “exclusive” goes, she is almost identical to the Batgirl that comes in the regular LEGO sets. Her facial expressions appear to be different though. At least they are different from the Batgirl Minifigures that I already have. Other than the double-sided face print though, she is no different.

The regular edition of The LEGO Batman Movie currently retails for $13.99 on Blu-ray at Walmart. So, for a dollar more, you get Batgirl and the postcards. I think that is a pretty good deal, even if the exclusive Batgirl is not so exclusive. So, if you have waited to buy this movie like I did, now might be a good time to head on over to Walmart!

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LEGO Batgirl that came with the special edition of the LEGO Batman Movie that I picked up at Walmart.

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