Minifigure Monday – A Thanksgiving Stroll

A Thanksgiving Stroll
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

I went out for a walk today,
And summer’s sun had gone away.
As a fall breeze passed through the air,
Of season’s change I was aware.

The green had been replaced with red,
A harbinger of cold ahead.
The trees were filled with orange hues,
A warning that the frost ensues.

There were round pumpkins along the street,
Awaiting cries of trick or treat.
And on the doors, dried cobs of corn,
As shorter days become the norm.

As the sky changed to match the trees,
I walked home among falling leaves.
To the smell of turkey roasted,
And Thanksgiving being toasted.


My inspriation for this poem was the seasonal colours of the Jay Minifig from the Ninjago Movie Minifigure series.


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