September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Memories of Japan

20 years ago, I had the opportunity to compete in an international martial arts competition in Japan. The team I was competing with decided to tour the country a little while we there. I had the chance to visit a few different cities, and really soak in the culture. It was an amazing trip. The LEGO Ninjago movie, and associated Minifigures, have had me reminiscing of that trip lately. So, today’s Minifigure Monday post is about just that.

Memories from Japan
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

My memories from Japan,
Include hot coffee from a can.
Disneyland in Tokyo,
And meeting a real life sumo.
Pride in being neat and clean,
A love of the vending machine.
All things bought, paid for in Yen,
And riding on the Shinkansen.
Toilet holes set in the ground,
Sake burning as it was downed.
Sitting on the floor to eat,
And bowing was the way to greet.
Hotel beds that could be furled,
Tradition meets with modern world.
Temples with ornate designs,
And photos taken with peace signs.
Gardens that instilled a calm,
The site of the atomic bomb.
Tatami found on the floors,
And rooms with sliding paper doors.
Ichiban meant number one
In the Land of the Rising Sun.

My muse for this poem was the N-POP Girl from the LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigure Series