September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Have keenest senses of the bear,
Of your surroundings be aware.
Have heart as open as a flower,
Seek not lust, greed, fame, or power.
Have swiftness of the fastest steed,
But pass not those who are in need.
Have the strike of deadly snake,
But other life, don’t lightly take.
Have the strength of ancient rock,
Fall not prey to those who mock.
Have wisdom of the elephant,
Speak smartly and be elegant.
Have the flare of brightest spark,
And bring a light into the dark.
Have the patience of the snail,
Live for the telling of the tale.
Have the force of river strong,
Changing course when path is wrong.
Have your sights set for the skies,
And as a warrior you will rise.

My muse for this poem was Nya from the LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigure series.