December 4, 2023

Review: BrickHeadz Wonder Woman Exclusive

I had planned this week to be all about reviewing Assembly Square (click here to read the first part). But, I went to the LEGO Store today, and was handed an opportunity too good pass up. I went to make my Double VIP Points purchase. I stood there for a while debating whether I should buy the bigger set or the smaller set. Reason lost that battle, and the little devil on my shoulder soon had me marching to cash register with the larger and more expensive set. You’ll have to wait for a future review find out which set I got 😉

The unassuming little Pick-A-Brick cup containing my BrickHeadz Wonder Woman that I got for free at the LEGO Store today.

Two good things came out of this, as I told my wife when I got home and she looked dubiously at my over-sized bag. First, I now have enough VIP points saved up to get my next small to medium sized LEGO purchase for free. Second, I got early access to the BrickHeadz Wonder Woman LEGO Store exclusive. If you have had a look at this month’s store calendar, there is an adult build event this month. It is the second such event ever (the first was in February for Valentine’s Day). The way it works is that the first 80 people to make a purchase over $75 at the LEGO Store get to sign up for the event. The actual build night is supposed to take place between July 17-31, depending on your local LEGO Store. I was thrilled when they just handed me one.

LEGO exclusive BrickHeadz Wonder Woman

I don’t actually collect BrickHeadz. I would rather spend my LEGO budget on sets that will expand my city. But, I am never one to turn down a freebie, especially one that is LEGO, and one that not too many people have just yet. Since I don’t have any BrickHeadz, I was also curious what they are all about. As it turns out, this is a purely decorative LEGO theme. This Wonder Woman will probably end up on display on the shelf with all my LEGO books.

LEGO Store exclusive BrickHeadz Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is made up of 145 pieces. She does not come in a box like her BrickHeadz counterparts because she is meant to be part of build event. The build instructions that came with her are just a printed sheet folded to fit in the cup. It was a little hard to read since the pictures and font are really small. But, I’ve also been told that I need to get my eyes checked. In all, it took me about 25 minutes to build, with squinting and struggling to read time included.

LEGO Store exclusive BrickHeadz Wonder Woman

This Wonder Woman is the second BrickHeadz treatment the character has received. The first was the San Diego Comic Con exclusive from 2016. Looking it up online, the Comic Con one was different from this one in that it was based more on the comic books. This Wonder Woman resembles the one from DC Super Hero Girls more with her golden shoulder protection and blue pants. Either way, I am not complaining. This is actually a cute little build, and given that BrickHeadz usually go for $12.99, I am super happy to have one for free!

All in all, I like this little build. It is a nice shelf ornament. Given that I budget my LEGO purchases and have to somewhat carefully select which sets I buy, I probably will not get too many more of these characters though. They don’t lend themselves very well to expansion of my LEGO city. Do you collect BrickHeadz? What are your thoughts on this theme?

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