September 27, 2023

What’s LEGO Going to Cost You? (Summer 2017 Edition – Part III)

After reviewing the overall trends in LEGO’s Canadian summer 2017 catalogue (click here to read it), as well as taking a look at the best value sets from the City theme (click here to read it), my next analysis will take a look at the LEGO Batman movie theme. I love DC Comics, and I have my eye on a couple of sets from this theme. So, this article will look at how they measure up in terms of value. There were five sets advertised in the catalogue for this theme. As always, prices are in Canadian dollars.

05. Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] $64.99
With this being the set that I want the most, I am very sad to report that it has the worst per-brick value. Each piece in this kit will cost you $0.18, which is way above average for the theme ($0.13 per brick), as well as for LEGO sets in general ($0.14 per brick). The Bane big-fig is just so cool though… he is also probably one of the big reasons that this set is not such a good value. On the plus side, it does have the second best brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 122:1.

LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] costs $0.18 per brick.
 04. Two-Face Double Demolition [70915] $74.99
Already at a considerably better value, this set clocks in at $0.13 per brick. This falls right on the average for the whole theme, and one cent below the average of all sets in the summer 2017 catalogue. The brick-to-Minifigure ratio is 141:1.

LEGO Two-Face Double Demolition [70915] costs $0.13 per brick.
 03. Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off [70913] $16.99
Third on this list, this little set has a per-brick value of $0.12. Without having to spend lots of money on a set, this is the cheapest, best value set. This set has the best brick-to-Minifigure ratio of the theme, coming in at 71:1.

LEGO Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off [70913] costs $0.12 per brick.
 02. The Ultimate Batmobile [70917] $159.99
While being the most expensive set of the LEGO Batman movie theme, this set is actually a decent value. Each brick costs about $0.11. It comes with eight Minifigures, but the brick-to-Minifig ratio is only 182:1.

LEGO Ultimate Batmobile [70917] costs $0.11 per brick.
 01. The Batwing [70916] $109.99
The second most expensive set in the theme that is advertised in the summer 2017 catalogue is actually the best value. It comes in at $0.10 per brick. Sadly, is has the worst brick-to-Minifigure ratio though, at 351:1.

LEGO Batwing [70916] costs $0.10 per brick.
 We can also compare these sets with those advertised in the January 2017 catalogue. In that case, they rank as follows:

  • $0.20 per brick – Killer Croc Tail-Gator
  • $0.18 per brick – Bane Toxic Truck Attack
  • $0.16 per brick – Riddler Riddle Racer
  • $0.15 per brick – Joker Notorious Lowrider
  • $0.14 per brick – Joker Balloon Escape
  • $0.13 per brick – Batmobile, Penguin Arctic Roller, The Scuttler, and Two-Face Double Demolition.
  • $0.12 per brick – Batcave Break-In, Scarecrow Special Delivery, Mr. Freeze Ice Attack, and Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off.
  • $0.11 per brick – Arkham Asylum and The Ultimate Batmobile.
  • $0.10 per brick – Clayface Splat Attack and The Batwing.

As you can see, both sets that come with big-figs rank as the most expensive per brick. Most sets also fall in the $0.12-0.13 range of cost-per-brick. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I had seen the other Batmobile set but the “ultimate” one is pretty impressive. I like the Scarecrow one though, as my son love spooky scarecrows. Good price, too!

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