December 10, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Batman Battle Pod Review

Work has been crazy busy in the lead up to the summer, and it is not over yet. That is why I missed last week’s Minifigure Monday. I should actually be working now as I write this. But, I was pretty excited about this week’s topic, so I decided to take a break. For those of you who follow my LEGO deals page, you already know that Toys R Us has finally brought the LEGO Batman Movie battle pod freebie to Canada. You can get it this week (June 9-15, 2017) with any purchase of $40.00 or more on LEGO Batman Movie sets. Being a sucker for freebies, I had to get one. Each store is supposed to only have 25 of them, and the cashier did not offer me one when I went to pay. I only got one when I asked for it, so don’t forget to ask if you go get one.

LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod freebie

This is actually a pretty interesting little kit. It comes with 24 pieces, one of which is the actual pod. This is the first time I have ever seen a little display case like this for an exclusive Minifigure. It has an embossed front with the LEGO Batman Movie logo. When you open it up, it has built in LEGO plates to allow you to build inside and place the Minifigure. As a first, it is a novelty that I quite like. I wouldn’t mind seeing more exclusives come like this, though I can see all of these little pods starting to take up quite a bit of space if it becomes the norm.

LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod exterior

When you build up the interior, the left side simulates a wall of the Batcave with some jagged stones, a computer console, and storage points for a grappling gun and Batarang. The right side has a printed background, again depicting the interior of a cave with some bats.

LEGO Batman Battle Pod interior

The Minifigure is a must have for anyone trying to collect all of the different Batman variants from the film. He comes dressed in a tiger print blazer, which makes him all the more likeable for me because tigers just happen to be my favorite animal. Given that Batman is a hero, I am sure that it is not actual tiger fur 😉

Batman has front and back print on his torso. His arms are also printed. There is a small amount of printing on the front of the legs, just around the waist. There is no printing on the rear of the legs. Batman also has a double-sided face, one side smiling and the other angry. If this Minifigure came in a regular set, I would give him a full 10/10. This is a really fun Minifig for collectors, though I am not sure how much a kid would enjoy playing with it. I could be wrong on that front, so if you gave this to your kids, I would love to know what they think in the comments below.

LEGO tiger suit Batman, alternate face

Again, you have to spend $40.00 on LEGO Batman Movie sets to get this one. It was a must for me as it was on my list of requisite Minifigures for summer 2017 (I wrote about it for the April A-to-Z Challenge, click here to read it). I also knocked another of the Minifigures off that list in order to get this one. Can you guess which it was? I will post more about that in my weekly review this Wednesday. Is this Minifigure worth it in your mind? If so, which set(s) will you get to acquire one?

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